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GREEN TEA detox clay mask

"detox yo' face!"

  • "Stop! Stop, you're going to make me smile! Oh no! Too late, noooooo!" Her hands fly up to her face as fissures form around her mouth and forehead, then break apart like miniature tectonic plates. "Aw! You did it to me again! I can never keep my mask smooth! That's it!" she says, with mock vengeance in her eyes. Then, the staring competition begins. Just as when you were both little, she knows this is the way to break your cool and make you crumble into a giggling mess. Your bottom lip is the first to go. It's trembling barely visibly, and you try with all your might to control the urge to burst out laughing, but your nostrils are starting to flare and crinkle. The more you think about not laughing or making an expression, the harder it becomes. You close your eyes and try to deep breathe, but your belly is quaking, you try to become like a Zen monk and separate yourself from this giggle attack. It's no use! Your sister, your oldest friend, knows how to crack you wide open. You burst out laughing, and you're both 6 years old again, tears rolling down your cheeks as you look at each other in your cracked, green clay masks. "This is so refreshing!" you say, wiping muddy tears from your cheeks. "In more ways than one." She replies.

  • Description

    Our Green Tea Clay Detox Mask is the gentlest and most effective way to decongest and gently exfoliate oily skin and reveal a bright, clear complexion! Treats mild acne and clogged pores naturally with clay's drawing action and apple extract's exfoliating properties, while infusing healthy minerals and antioxidants into skin. Heals blemishes quickly. This blend of clay, green tea and fruit extracts creates a deceptively simple mask that goes a long way to purify and detoxify skin, while leaving it soft and supple. See brighter, cleaner skin after just one application!

    Who is it for?:

    • Oily, congested and/or acne-prone skin in need of a deep weekly cleanse.
    • As an overnight blemish spot-treatment.
    • All skin types for an occasional detox and nutrient-boost to the skin.

    How to Use

    This versatile mask is fun to experiment with! Add a few drops of your favourite liquid (green tea, pure fruit juice, plain water) to ½ a teaspoon of the dry mask. Dryer skin types can benefit from this nourishing mask by using raw honey instead of liquid. Apply a thin, even layer and wash with warm water once it has completely dried (about 10 minutes). Can also be used as a facial scrub. Perfect to use as a spot treatment or as a weekly mask to brighten any complexion.


    • 2 oz./ 60 ml
    • All our products contain zero synthetic ingredients!
    • Contains NO water...a little goes a LONG way!
    • Vegan, Gluten-free, certified cruelty-free.
    • Packaged in a beautiful glass jar, with our iconic design! Please re-use.
  • Ingredients

    Moroccan Rhassoul Lava Clay, French Green Clay, Green Tea Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, Lime Fruit Extract.


    • Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps repair damage done by pollution and the sun. 2 types of mineral-rich clays (Rhassoul and French Green) to detoxify skin and remove impurities gently yet effectively. These types of clay have been shown to tone skin and connective tissue, as well as improves skin's clarity. Apple extract contains alpha hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate away dead skin, leaving skin soft and smooth. Apple also improves skin’s elasticity. Lime extract smells fresh and bright, and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

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