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Bespoke by Stark (fully custom routine)

As someone who had used Stark products in the past - City Recalibrating Oil, Petrichor Mist and Eclipse Cleanser I found myself using each one to the last drop. When I saw the Bespoke Experience, I thought about how effective those products were and how much I preferred them to all the other products in my skincare arsenal - and if I invested the money in skincare that was tailored for me, wouldn’t that be a better value and the best products just for me? The experience was terrific, comprehensive and indeed, tailored for me! I received speciality products created by hand for me that are made for my skin, and my skincare concerns. The cost is actually a bargain - for an intentionally crafted, natural skincare routine. Whether you are new to Stark skincare or already have your favorite products, you should definitely get the Bespoke experience - you won’t regret it.
Amy L. -Bespoke Customer 2019

What I want to offer isn't just a bespoke blended oil, but a bespoke everything: a whole new ritual, a whole new mindset, a whole new life experience for you and your skin. I only take one client at a time to make sure I get all the details right. 

A total sensory experience created to inspire, uplift, enrapture you with skin foods that I will create just for you. I have chosen to offer this ONLY as a package deal, because I believe this is the best way for anybody to fully reap the benefits of a bespoke experience.  

Here's what I am offering:

It all begins with me getting to know you. After signing up, I will send you a pretty in-depth questionnaire. Then the fun begins!

Whether it's adult acne, signs of aging that you're not yet ready for, a little lack of glow, or pesky inflammation that's preventing you from having the skin you deserve, we will figure it out together.

Then, in about 10-15 business days I will mail you a gorgeous box with:

  • 2 oz bespoke oil blend created just for you. (Total 2 oz or 60 ml = $150)
  • 1 custom 4 oz multi-purpose balm (like GF...but formulated juste pour toi, mon amie!) (Total 4 oz or 120 ml =$200
  • 1 custom 4 oz facial mask/scrub combo (Total 4 oz or 120 ml = $150)
  • 1 custom  half oz  therapeutic perfume oil or therapeutic essential oil blend created for your personal emotional support. (Total 0.5 oz or 15 ml =$125)
  • 1 custom facial mist! ( 4 oz or 120 ml = $80)
  • A guide on what my customized ritual for you should/could entail, plus all the info and how-to's about your customized products. If you know how I write, then you know that this will be pretty value-driven, if not hilarious....if I do say so myself. (Total: a bunch o' words! Invaluable!)
  • Full, life-time access to my online course 21 Days. (Total: one online, self-guided course PLUS upcoming community access = $97)
It all arrives looking fresh and fabulous with really pretty branding (of course!!) and you'll be so excited you might pee a little! (Just thought I'd warn you now.) 

Yup, for the price of just 2-3 splurges on smaller products NOT custom-made for you, you could get custom facial oil (full sized! Not dinky minis!!), a HUGE custom balm, a HUGE mask/scrub, a custom perfume or aromatherapy oil, a custom tea blend! 

I've already begun to amass what I need to start working with you today. I have all my best essential oils, the ones I don't always get to play with very often because they're too rare and precious to use in larger quantities, ready to go! I can't even explain HOW pumped I am to start blending for you!