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Huile de Parfum 03

03 is a scent that is unapologetically sensual with it's huge, fluffy florals, perfectly ripe, exotic fruit and a rich, creamy heart. She is luscious, succulent and seductive, yet genuine and friendly... someone who can flirt with anybody and is so warm and inviting as to never make an enemy while doing so! She is ultra feminine, confident and cool. She loves to celebrate life, and pulls out all the stops when hosting; cake, champagne and crinolines. She can even be over-the-top, but does it with such style and a contagious joie de vivre.

03 starts off with juicy ripe citrus;  zesty yuzu, pink grapefruit, blood orange.There's also a hint of strawberry wine, then quickly, a blanket of lush green velvet that is smooth against the skin.

The scent then becomes an indecent exposure in an English garden. The uplifting citrus and cool green violet leaf  is met by ultra rich florals in full bloom and succulent fruits. However, the whole scene is kept proper with a a cup of Earl Grey tea, in a bone china cup! Creamy, sweet tuberose is actually the star of this perfume, buttressed by Bulgarian rose and grounded by sweet, intensely aromatic bourbon vanilla and tonka bean. 

Ingredients: Organic oils of Camellia Sinensis, jojoba and fractionated coconut. Proprietary blend of pure plant essential oils, resins, concretes, absolutes and CO2 extractions. 

100% vegan & never tested on animals.

Aromatherapy benefits: Sensual, uplifting, relaxing, joyful, evocative of good memories.

Scent type: floral, super-feminine, fresh, sweet, fruity.