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Huile de Parfum 02

 A perfume oil inspired by travel, but meant to be worn daily. This is a scent that transports the wearer by both jetliner and time-machine. It is at once wildly exotic, eerily familiar with it's warm sweetness, and solidly grounding. It evokes different places, at different times, in a cohesive and inviting way. A sensual scent for the global person, it is beautiful without a trace of cloying "pretty". It is comforting, warm and hypnotic. It is a self-assured (and reassuring) scent, that evokes both a modern aesthetic and an ancient legacy that is understood not with the mind, but with the heart.

At first, it is the scent of Italy. Slightly sharp and sweet, red oranges in the late morning, the dew on their rind evaporating in the warm Mediterranean sun. The breeze is fragrant, inviting. Basil growing in pots on a terracotta terrace, and the mild green scent of young violet leaves uncurling. There is something else, so familiar, a little tropical. It's there...then it's gone. You think of chasing it, but curl up for a nap in a hammock instead. Someone is baking sugar cookies or macaroons, you're not sure...but you'll wait to find out. It's a good place to be.

You close your eyes and sense that you could be in this place now, or 2000 years ago and it would somehow feel the same. You are feeling that connection with an ancient place, the pulse of humanity itself. Sandalwood and oud, two of the world's most precious aromatic oils (now sustainably harvested), and dark, rich, vanilla-like balsamic tree resins are the very heart and soul of this perfume. Sweet incense is in the breeze, the scent of cathedrals, mosques or an old library. You think how nice it would be to go visit these places, take some photos. But, you're cosy. No need to rush today, like this scent, you just want to linger, happy and warm, for hours.

Ingredients: Organic oils of Camellia Sinensis, jojoba and fractionated coconut. Proprietary blend of pure plant essential oils, resins, concretes, absolutes and CO2 extractions. 

100% vegan & never tested on animals.

Aromatherapy benefits: grounding, comforting, uplifting the spirit & shaking away S.A.D., antidepressant, calming.

Scent type: sweet & woody, rich in amber, with citrus top-note.