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CITY Recalibrating Oil (daytime, light oil)


with organic Canadian hempseed oil + olive squalane + broccoli + cypress

A fresh-scented defensive shield from the urban elements. Replenishes nutrients lost in skin due to city-living, while strengthening the skin's natural defences. Contains Stark's unique EVERGREEN Complex, an infusion of 7 adaptogenic, collagen-boosting herbs.

  • Together you ran laughing and hollering from the street corner and leaped over a great puddle and into the park's front gates. Like wild children you ran the gravel paths, winding through the great coniferous trees. The rain comes down so hard it's impossible to pretend that you might make it home dry, and so you playfully kick water from a puddle and watch the stream of water disappear into the falling droplets. Blocks away, traffic rages on. But in this park, you are protected.

  • Description

    Protect your skin from city damage, with these fragrant, nourishing and purifying plant oils and featuring Stark's adaptive, collagen-boosting EVERGREEN complex, which helps fortify skin's natural barrier function and resilience, helps your skin "re-learn" how to function optimally, while gently correcting damage already done.

    What it does: Purifies, tonifies, boosts lost essential nutrients skin and defends from harsh city elements (pollution, stress, indoor air, smoke, weather, etc), with a curated blend of oils featuring a now-iconic, unisexy, deep-in-the-conifers scent. It's a "reset" button for those who are concerned about the effects of pollution on the skin. (And honestly? We all should be nowadays.)

    What it is: A medium-light oil that absorbs quickly into skin, creating a protective shield from the outside environment, while delivering essential, bio-compatible phyto-nutrients back to the skin, such as squalane.

    Who it's for:

    • Weekend warriors, city-dwellers, park-lurkers, sidewalk cafe haunters, bike-commuters, rooftop gardeners and pretty much everyone! Perfect for those who spend a good deal of time in the outdoors, as this oil not only protects against pollution, but relieves wind-chapped and sun-ravaged skin without the "greasy" feel of an ointment or heavy cream.
    • Congested, over-active, acne-prone and oily skin that still needs moisture and hydration.
    • A great "layering piece" for those with dry skin that want CITY's anti-pollution benefits (makes a great makeup primer, and wears easily under other oils, creams, and SPF).

    How to Use

    After cleansing skin, apply ~2-5 drops to the back of your hand, and use fingertips to lightly dab and press oil into skin. Be a little patient with the dropper bottle, and don't shake or tap it out! (It takes 3 seconds for the oil to travel out of the bottle and onto your palm.) Remember to inhale to reap the aromatherapeutic benefits! Can be worn alone, or under makeup or moisturizer. Can be used morning and night.

    Available in 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml. All our products contain zero synthetic ingredients! Contains NO water... a little goes a LONG way! When used 1-2 daily, a 30 ml bottle will last on average 12-16 weeks. Packaged in a beautiful glass jar with our iconic design! Please re-use. Vegan, Gluten-free. Certified cruelty-free.

  • Ingredients

    Rice Bran Oil, Stark's EVERGREEN Fusion, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hazelnut oil, Hempseed oil, Broccoli seed oil, Olive Squalane, Vitamin E, Cypress Oil, and pure essential oils.