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legal mumbo jumbo

Natural skincare isn't all bunnies and daffodils. We have rules, too.

The following is a list of the terms of service that govern the use of starkskincare.com. Please read the below page carefully, as by using the website you are agreeing to abide by these terms.

Please check this page often, as Stark Skincare Inc. may change or modify our terms of service at any time without notice.

Information and Content 

All material present on starkskincare.com whether text, video, audio, or any other form is subject to intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark and other property rights. This material is property of the respected owners. All rights are expressly reserved. Reproducing, copying, manipulating, or using this information without the prior written consent of the legal owner of such material could result in civil or criminal prosecution.

Personal Use 
Starkskincare.com is designed for personal, non-commercial use. We would like to inform you that using any material or information from our site for any non-personal purpose could be considered illegal and may result in criminal or civil prosecution.

Stark Skincare Inc. will not be held responsible in the event that you encounter material that you deem offensive (because frankly some of my newsletters are peppered with F-bombs...you've been warned), indecent or otherwise objectionable. 

Errors, Mistakes and Missing Information
Despite our tireless efforts, Stark Skincare Inc cannot guarantee that our website will be completely free of errors and misleading information. In the event of an error or other content related issue, Stark Skincare Inc reserves the right to correct such error without notification. Stark Skincare Inc also reserves the right to cancel any order that may have been made under the pretense of such error. In the event where an order is canceled, but has been paid for, the user will receive a full refund.

Customer Feedback 
Please note that all customer feedback given to Stark Skincare Inc shall be considered the property of Stark Skincare Inc. This includes all customer communication, testimonials and contact information. By releasing this information to Stark Skincare Inc, you are hereby giving Stark Skincare Inc the non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, and unlimited right to reproduce, modify, publish, translate and distribute such material in any way deemed appropriate by the management of Stark Skincare Inc.

Shopping, Product Use and Payment 


Taxes will be calculated based on the laws of the jurisdiction in which the product is scheduled to be delivered. 

Use by Minors 
To purchase a product from Stark Skincare Inc you must be the legal age of majority as stated by the law of the jurisdiction in which you reside. Kind of silly though.

Payment Agreement 
By purchasing a product from Stark Skincare Inc you are agreeing to pay any and all charges associated with the purchased product.

Shopping Limitations 
Stark Skincare Inc reserves the right to limit quantities of products. Stark Skincare Incalso reserves the right to eliminate products from our website, cancel orders or prohibit access to certain pages at any time. 

Product Use 
Stark Skincare Inc shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the misuse of any product. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to read all product instructions carefully, to use the product strictly for the purpose it was designed for, and to ensure that the product is used in a safe and reasonable manner. 

Stark Skincare Inc shall not be held responsible for any damages that occur due to an allergic reaction, or as the result of any other unforeseen occurrence. 

Website Operations 

Website Safety 
Stark Skincare Inc or any affiliated party is not responsible for any damages, either in contract, warranty, tort (including passive or imputed negligence), product liability, strict liability or other theory, that may result from the use of our website. 

Service Availability
Please note that the services provided by Stark Skincare Inc are available only on an as is and as available basis. Stark Skincare Inc is not responsible for any and all losses, whether direct or indirect, exceeding the price of the goods purchased. 

Outbound Links
Stark Skincare Inc may link to websites outside the control of Stark Skincare Inc. Please understand that a link should be in no way considered an endorsement of a website. Stark Skincare Inc cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any damages that may occur as a result of a user visiting a page through an outbound link. 

Unlawful Use 
It is illegal to use Stark Skincare Inc for any illegal or destructive purpose. This includes any use of the website that could result in damaging, disabling, overloading or in any other way compromising the website. 

Accessing or attempting to access information not intentionally made available to you is illegal and may result in civil or criminal prosecution. 

User's Rights and Responsibilities

Misrepresenting your identity while using starkskincare.com will be considered a clear violation of our terms of service and may result in you being banned from the website and possibly civil or criminal prosecution. 

User Responsibility
As a user of starkskincare.com, you are responsible for any monetary charges resulting from your use of the site. These fees include any claim, cause of action, demand, including but not limited to, legal, accounting and any other fees that result from the use of the website. Please note we charge in USD.

User Right to Termination
You must agree to these terms of service in order to use starkskincare.com. If you can not or decide you do not want to agree with the Terms of Services displayed on this page, you are prohibited from using this website and should leave starkskincare.com immediately. 


These terms of service in combination with our Privacy Policy represent a legally binding agreement between the user and Stark Skincare Inc. This agreement shall replace all prior oral and/or written communication between the user and Stark Skincare Inc. If a conflict is to occur between a previous, present or future agreement and the above terms of service, the terms of service will have precedence, unless clearly noted in the prior agreement. 

In the event that one or more of the provisions of Stark Skincare Inc terms of service is regarded as unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be in place and enforced to the greatest extent of the law. 

Applicable Law
These terms of service, and furthermore, the use of starkskincare.com shall be governed solely by the laws of the province of Quebec and consequently the laws of Canada.

The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to the use of starkskincare.com.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our terms of service. 

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