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21 Days (to the best skin of your life)

Want to know the real reason your acne won't go away?
Or that eczema, or that bizarre mystery rash?

You've probably tried all the products, with some success. But, your skin issue just keeps coming back! (And at such inconvenient times, too...I mean, that "unicorn" zit that popped up right before the presentation? Nice one. Really appreciated.) You've tried all kinds of masks and spot treatments, and who knows how many times you've changed cleansers (there's a pile of 'em in your bathroom closet). You've tried all-natural, you've gone for the harsh chemical stuff. You've tried different cleanses and diets, but have a hard time sticking to them as they don't really seem to do much. Nothing seems to make a long-lasting change, and you're frustrated.

Your skin somehow feels disconnected from you. Like you two just aren't on the same page any more. You say "hey, clear up you! I want to feel like myself again", but your skin? Flips you the bird, rolls over and pops out another pimple. What a jerk.
Or maybe your skin is ok. But just "ok". I mean, nothing you need to see a dermatologist about or anything. Just the blah-ness that's supposed to come with being a student/new mom/CEO/"woman of a certain age"/gardener/horse jockey/astronaut...right? Maybe you just need to...give up? Accept blah-ness? I mean, it's just people who say you look tired (when you feel, once again, "ok".) You can go without makeup, but feel you could be an extra on Walking Dead. You just need to figure out what to say when people ask "what's wrong?"
Do you ever get the feeling that there's something you're just...missing? Not just knowing what to wash your face with and what to eat...but some other fundamental bit of knowledge that just got lost in all the noise?

What if you could get control over how your skin looks, and keep it, forever? Without ever worrying about what product to put ON your skin...or even worrying too much about what food you feed your skin? What if you could just suddenly "get it": the secret that so many people must simply know (without really knowing...or else they'd just tell you their damn secret to glowing skin!) What if you exuded so much glowing, happy, clear skin that everyone assumed you just got lucky, and high-fives were the regular greeting you received, instead of random sympathy hugs?

Here's the thing: you CAN have that skin. The skin that just screams out "Holy crap I'm haaaapppppyyyyyyy!". The skin that people can't help but want to touch. The skin that people say "hey...are you in love? What's up? You look amazing!"

I have had a lifelong obsession with skincare and natural ingredients. I have had my own share of great skin...and not so great skin (helloooo adult acne in my 20s). I have exchanged emails with countless people over the years, listening to their skin stories. People are confused about how to care for their skin. But I don't blame them: the thing about skin is that it's far more mysterious and complicated than most people think. The longer I work in the skincare industry, the more aware I am of this entire layer of CARE that needs to be taught. Skincare products, the kind I sell in bottles and jars, are extremely useful and SO pleasurable to use...but they aren't the whole story when it comes to achieving great skin. In fact, if you're having an issue like acne, I don't even think topical products are where you should start with healing your skin.

That's why I created 21 Days. This program is a lifestyle bootcamp unlike anything you'd expect. From day one, you will learn skills that can completely transform your life. You can gain control over your skin by following this program...but I won't lie: it can be tough. You have to truly WANT to learn to heal your skin to get all the benefits from 21 Days (but if you can only give it 20%? That's ok too...you will also see a change!) You can go as deep into this as you want, and the deeper you go, the more dramatic the results will be. Over the 3 weeks this program will cover Stark's holistic program through text, video, worksheets and various resources. The course comes with lifetime access, and always with free upgrades to the newest material being added.


So what's your investment, to learn all you need to know to have maybe-I-just-got-laid -maybe-I-didn't skin?

A one-time payment of just $97!

In the course, you will receive:

  • The best crash-course on habit creation I've ever seen (and I've seen many!).
  • The #1 habit you need to stop...NOW! (You might even be doing it RIGHT NOW!)
  • How to do a thorough "reset" on your lifestyle (and skin!)
  • The truth about how other people might be sabotaging your skin. But more importantly...
  • How YOU might be sabotaging your skin (this is juicy!)
  • The dinner-party trick that gives you insight into your skin's ability to heal.
  • What to change in your home to be a prime skin healing environment.
  • Truly understanding the ways in which YOUR skin issues are created, and how to stop them!
  • The one part of your body you need to train every day to have amazing skin (don't worry, it will become automatic soon enough!).
  • The new science, and the ancient knowledge that you need to know to heal your skin.
  • The best of the best when it comes to how-to's and what-to-do's.
  • + soooo much more!

All of this is delivered by text, video, bonus material and resources! (I'll eventually add MP3, too...so you can learn on the go!)

You gain lifetime access to all the material...including anything new being added! Think of this as the one skincare product you'll never have to repurchase again!


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