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PETRICHOR Purifying Tonic

A refreshing skin tonic that calms inflamed skin, protects skin with antioxidants and promotes healthy looking skin!

Protects the skin from the environment with super-antioxidant ferulic acid and green tea extract, while soothing skin with a double dose of cucumber, purifying with white willow bark and undoing environmental stress with nutritious watermelon extract. Hydrating; does not make skin feel tight or parched.
4 oz


  • This POWERFUL mist is not a toner, but a skin tonic, and does not dry out skin (in fact, it's a light humectant and will increase skin's hydration. Rejoice!).

    This super-juice gently cleanses and exfoliates skin with the salicylic acid found in white willow bark, while aloe and cucumber soothe and cool skin.

    Ferulic acid, an incredibly potent antioxidant found in nearly every plant seed, boosts the effects of the other antioxidants, like the green tea extract, and the vitamins in the watermelon extract in this formula...and studies show may even work better in the presence of UV! (Be sure to wear SPF anyhow.)

    Witch Hazel, native to eastern Canada, tones skin, reduces inflammation and irritation and makes pimples vanish.

    Watermelon extract provides a nutritious burst of vitamins to the skin (with purported UV-repairing properties!).

    Use after cleansing skin, before moisturizing. Can be washed off or left on. Has an earthy, green scent. Ideal for those living in heavily polluted cities, or for acne-prone skin that over-produces sebum.

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