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The KONJAC Sponge

Skin type


These 100% natural sponges are made of a plant fibre called konjac, made by a company in the U.K called The Konjac Company. They are the original Konjac sponge that started the craze several years ago, and we've been a fan every since. They have been carefully selected to be part of the Stark family because they are everything we stand for: simple, pure and effective. Combine one of the types of Konjac sponges with our Aurora Cleanse + Hydrate Balm for the best cleansing experience ever! (Massage the balm on first, use the sponge to gently remove, then admire skin for hours...you won't be able to stop touching your skin!)

But for all their gentleness, they are no less effective: Konjac sponges are pH-balanced, providing a deep-down clean that you can immediately see and feel. 

We carry only a small variety of the sponges to reduce the "paradox of choice", since we truly embrace simplicity...but you honestly can't choose the wrong sponge, so go with your gut feeling!

These international best-sellers boast some impressive qualities. Not only are they biodegradable and responsibly handmade in Korea, but they have been proven in Japanese studies to be the gentlest and most effective material to cleanse skin with...gentler than natural sea-sponge, even! These sponges DO NOT damage skin, unlike any other abrasive material (they are butter -or jelly- soft...you'll have to decide for yourself).

The sponges are biodegradable after use. One sponge lasts 3 + months with proper care. Please discard your sponge once it shows significant signs of wear and tear. Hang sponge to dry between uses. Sponges now come pre-moistened, so it's ready to use once you receive it!



Konjac vegetable fiber, French clay, bamboo charcoal, cotton string.



Effective and gentle cleansing with an environmentally sound product! Ultra-soft skin!

Use a well-hydrated Konjac sponge in a circular motion to gently cleanse skin. To use with Grapefruit Balm, apply balm first, and use the sponge to massage the product into skin. Rinse the sponge a few times to refresh, until all the balm has been removed.



(n.b....most sponges now come pre-hydrated!)



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