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Your FAVE Stark Products… and why!

December 24, 2012

This guy! So well loved!

Here are the first 38 responses to the question “Which is your FAVE Stark Product, and Why?” from my questionnaire (click on link to weigh in!).
I thought it would be nice to share these anonymous  answers with all of you. 🙂

Grapefruit! it does everything and smells amazeballs
20/12/2012 1:31

Green tea mask – I can see all the impurities and oils being pulled out of my pores!
17/12/2012 5:08 PM

Grapefruit cleanse – hydrating and feels nice
14/12/2012 2:22 PM

The combination of the tonic and oil balance my skin unlike anything I’ve ever tried
14/12/2012 2:03 PM

Cy – I love how it smells and is not greasy or drying
14/12/2012 2:00 PM

CP oil: great smell, easy to use, my skin feels so soft after
14/12/2012 11:19 AM

I ADORE the smell of the oil, and the richness of it. I wish I could afford to buy it more regularly!
14/12/2012 8:25 AM

That’s not easy…..Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm…Feels so good,smells delish, gentle cleansing and moisturizes all @ the same time ….so easy to us
14/12/2012 12:39 AM

GF and CY. The smell, the texture, and the way my skin feels afterwards. Though I’m also really learning to love TE.
13/12/2012 9:22 PM

13/12/2012 9:22 PM

GF is perfect for lazy people 🙂
13/12/2012 9:16 PM

Argan lippie. Makes my lips so soft!
13/12/2012 8:59 PM

Green tea mask because it shrinks blemishes and keeps my pores clear!
13/12/2012 8:35 PM

GF — best cleanser I’ve ever used, hands down. Love, love, love it!! 🙂
13/12/2012 8:21 PM

Grapefruit Cleanse, smooth, not greasy, smells wonderful and a little goes a long way.
13/12/2012 7:48 PM

The tea mask is awesome! It works so well to exfoliate and clean but does not leave skin dry. I tried the {brand named edited out!!! I’m too nice for that…} clay mask before yours and found that it was good for spot treatments but was way too harsh for my whole face. I would have red blotches all over. Your mask works for both purposes. I looooove it.
13/12/2012 7:19 PM

Grapefruit balm, love the scent and it leaves my skin radiant.
13/12/2012 5:59 PM

GF, CY + AG – they simply are the best ever, make skin look perfect!
13/12/2012 5:57 PM

Well, I’ve only used this one so far (GF) 🙂
13/12/2012 5:53 PM

The tea mask works wonders on acne!
13/12/2012 5:40 PM

Grapefruit, love that it is a multi tasker
13/12/2012 5:22 PM

I’ve only tried the GF balm and my skin is still deciding what it thinks.
13/12/2012 5:18 PM

I’ve only used the Cleanse+Hydrate Balm, but I love it– super simple, effective, and useful.
13/12/2012 5:01 PM

I like all three (CY, GF, WB), they seem to go hand in hand for a perfect and soft face.
13/12/2012 4:57 PM

The oil was very nice. Absorbed well with a pleasant smell.
13/12/2012 4:46 PM

Cypress Oil and Argan Lip treatment are tied! The smell of the oil and the texture of the lip treatment can’t be beat!
13/12/2012 4:46 PM

Grapefruit Cleanse – I love how clean and hydrated my skin feels and now I love using it to take the clay mask off. Thanks for the tip!
13/12/2012 4:44 PM

GRAPEFRUIT! Incredible after wash feeling
13/12/2012 4:37 PM

Ohh it is a toss up between the GF and CY – I love the GF at night to clean off my face and moisturize it as well. The CY is my go to starter in the morning after washing my face. I love that it gives a layer of protection for the day ahead. Both products are pleasing to my nose and work well with my skin. I can adjust quantities and how I use the product depending on my skin is that day.
13/12/2012 4:22 PM

absolutely loooove the texture (GF) melting and fun!
13/12/2012 4:21 PM

Grapefruit cleanse and blam, for certain! Made a huge difference in balancing my skin.
13/12/2012 4:21 PM

My skin feels amazing! This is the only way I cleanse my skin now.
13/12/2012 4:16 PM

GF- the way my skin feels afterwards 🙂
13/12/2012 4:15 PM

The grapefruit cleanse completely changes the texture and feel of facial skin
13/12/2012 4:15 PM

Probably the gf balm and ag lip treatment. I rely on them day in and day out for makeup removal and general gross-Canadian-winter-lip soothing 🙂
13/12/2012 4:07 PM

Grapefruit cleanse is so versatile – removes makeup AND cleanses, which is so nice.
13/12/2012 4:03 PM

cypress oil smelled AMAZING
13/12/2012 4:01 PM

CY Oil – smells good, feels good, makes my skin super soft.
13/12/2012 4:00 PM

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