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Why WB is no longer a spritz (and why this is good!)

July 22, 2013


So a while back I decided to change our White Willow Bark Perfecting Tonic‘s  (aka WB) packaging, to a classic pour-top bottle instead of a spritzer/mister top. Some of you were a little confused as to why, so I thought I would share with everyone my reasons for the change.

Cutting straight to the chase, this is a main reason: WB is not an “aromatic” product. WB is an active tonic that is meant to gently exfoliate skin (yeah, it’s gentle, but still, we’re talking about sloughing dead skin off your face!), and the more I thought of it, the less I liked the idea of the product not being able to be applied in a controlled way.

Now, don’t fret! It’s not that delivering WB in a mister was dangerous or anything. Nobody lost an eye! (Right? RIGHT!? Kidding, I know it’s fine.) But, think of it. If you’ve got combo skin, you would only need WB along the T-zone, or wherever your oily bits are. If you have very sensitive skin, you might only need to press a cotton pad onto a problem area to soothe and coax pesky blemishes away (a tip I got from a pro beauty blogger). You don’t need it all over your face, willy nilly!

Do you really need WB in your under-eye area? No. Do you need it on your eyelids? No. Do you need it in your eyebrows? If you’re me (or my son, it seems) then yes, because you get a weird eyebrow-dandruff/occasional acne that needs to be gently sloughed away. (Um, my son is NOT using WB yet…he’s a straight MF kinda baby.)

Many mister-type facial sprays are 90% meant to be enjoyed as aromatherapy, so you can spritz as much as you like, inhale deeply and let your skin soak in the goodies and forget that you’re sitting in a cubicle the size of a mason jar. There’s nothing wrong with that, however our WB is NOT an aroma-therapeutic product primarily (try saying that three times fast!). Yeah, WB smells good, but it’s not really meant to transport you to a tropical island where you’re getting a 4 hand massage by guys named Sven and Jose or anything. It’s strictly business… WB has a job to do, and she just puts her head down and does it.

OK. So, how do you use it now?

A concern I have been hearing/reading is “will using a cotton pad/ball or damp Konjac make me use up the product faster?” Answer is, nope. A one-spritz unit of measure (not strictly scientific) actually delivered more product than you’d think, so gently tipping it into some kind of cloth is comparable, if not, you use less. One tip, and you can dab-dab-dab it as needed, or press it into a problem area, or do a quick sweep over your face for instant waterless cleansing (really nice after GF!). Personally, I use it with a Konjac sponge, the combo which is my husband Adri’s invention, and it’s AMAZING!

If you’re wondering why I put it in a mister bottle in the first place, well, what can I say? With my year-and-a-half-into-the-business-wisdom, I think I initially went for the spritzer simply because it’s more fun. I admit, that’s pretty lame, but hey, we live and learn, right? I shouldn’t have heeded to the siren-call of the gentle psssht psssht of those perky little mister caps. (Although, I really want to make a great facial/total body mist that will knock everyone’s socks off…I have some delicious and healing ideas in mind! Think Calgon sans the junk in it…and like, much better scents and benefits!)

So there you have it! As my dad says (via Shrek) “Change is good, donkey.”