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We were featured on No More Dirty Looks!

March 31, 2012

Stark Skincare review by Alexandra Spunt

This came as a complete surprise to me…I mean, I did send Alexandra Spunt, co-author and blogger of No More Dirty Looks, a package of Stark goodies, and didn’t even have time to send one off to author and bestie Siobhan O’Connor when BAM! A review was up! (In all honesty, I think about 2 weeks had passed, but my perception of time has been waaaay off lately since I am both running this here joint and ghostwriting a non-fiction book. No kidding.)

Anyyywaayysss, let me tell you, that morning felt like Christmas. Except WAY better, and in March when not much else is going on. Here’s the review, in case you weren’t one of the thousands (!!) who read it! (click on the pic…I don’t expect you to squint and read that…it’ll ruin your eyes.)

My favorite part is that Stark stood out to her. I can imagine they get a TON of products all the time for reviews, since they have such a devoted following on their blog (have you checked it out? I’m one of their big fans as well…it’s a great blog, and their book is a must-have for any beauty fan). She also said that these products “felt right” and that they are “palatable without smelling like food” and that she’d use every last drop of her Stark goodies (for the record, I sent her full-size products!). I had tears in my eyes reading this.

If I remember Alexandra’s skin type  correctly (since on their blog and book, everyone gets pretty personal), Stark’s debut lineup is perfect for her as I think she’s combination, sometimes has a little breakout, but also needs TLC by way of gentle cleansing, moisture and the antioxidant super-powers of plants to help out with the stress we put on our skin living a city-life. (I think that’s most of us, honestly.)

No words can say how happy this review made me. Not that I’m not infinitely grateful to all the reviews I’ve had, and everything coming up, but this one has a special place in my heart. I’ve literally printed it and put it up on my inspiration board!

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