[watch this!] ORESTA and Stark Skincare on CTV!

July 26, 2012

ORESTA Organic Skin Confectionery has been carrying Stark for a couple of months now. They are a trifecta of gorgeous boutique spas in Ottawa, that look more like eco-friendly art galleries than somewhere to get your skincare on. We like that aspect of ORESTA. Buying natural skincare shouldn’t feel like a clinical experience. Old-time Apothecary-like, sure, but feeling wary of a speculum sneaking up behind you? Not so much.
No, ORESTA does it right. Not only are the locations gorgeous, but they carry some of the best of the uber-clean brands around, from some of the bigger names like Kahina, to little indie brands even I haven’t heard of, and naturally we’re very happy to be one of their newer brands.
Anyhow, recently ORESTA was on CTV talking about summer-time skin woes with Ottawa host Leann Cusack.

Check out segment #1, where owner Oresta Korbutiak talks about sunscreen (I bet you’ve never heard this advice before) and then the lovely Kelly talks about her experience using Stark (@ around 3:11). *High fives!*

Click on image to be taken to the video.

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