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Video: the Myth About Diet and Skin

December 14, 2012

Video: The Big Skin vs. Diet Myth

Skin and Diet: the correlation, and the myth that messes skin up!

I made this video this summer. I was pretty annoyed by the biggest lie in dermatology (or one of, anyhow) : that there’s NO correlation between diet and skin. WHAT!? So wrong. Oh, so wrong it hurts (literally.)

Oh, by the way, I need to point out a few things. Since I didn’t use a script or a draft for this vid, I made a couple of mistakes! (Oh me, so human.)

  • For one, it was Hippocrates that said “let food by your medicine” (and I’m paraphrasing).
  • Also, please don’t get the impression that I think chocolate is harmful to skin! A high quality chocolate can do no wrong, in my eyes. (Please, don’t tell me otherwise! I loves me my choco!)
  • Also, and this is Adri that wanted me to add this: when I say “It’s taken as a fact” I don’t reaaaallly mean fact-fact, like there are a billion conclusive, in-depth studies saying that my words are 100% irrefutable. (That guy…so literal.)

NOW TELL ME (and everyone else):

What’s your experience with the correlation between food and your skin’s appearance and health? What are some of the biggest no-no’s you have learned to stay away from?