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Travel Post 2: Habbat al Barakah, face-saver.

January 05, 2014

2014-01-05 06.32.39

I’ve been slumming it around Kuwait for the last month (I say slumming it, because the fam and I are total shoe-string travelers, not Dubai-style big spenders) and spent the first 2 weeks with a beauty routine that was a disaster. My whole regime became a horrid comedy of errors.

As you know from Travel Post 1, I had the bone-head idea of travelling sans produits. Not good. In fact, dumb. My face broke out, I had little black heads on my chin and my skin was nothing to be boasting about. (Dinner party guest: “So what do you do?” me: “I created a skincare range that I sell mostly online. Please don’t look at my face.” Yeah. Good times.)

Then I was at the local bakkala (the depanneur for my fellow Quebecers…or, corner-store to the rest of the world, I’m assuming) and found a shelf of local honey. HONEY. I nearly punched myself in the face because WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT HONEY. If you’ve never washed/masked your face in pure, raw honey, you are sincerely missing out on something amazing.

I was nearly beside myself with joy when I found a glass jar of unpasteurized, raw “habbat al barakah” honey, which means “seeds of blessing”, aka. black cumin seed! Black cumin seed has been my jam lately. It’s one of the key ingredients in our Neroli Midnight Oil because calling this seed a “blessing” is an understatement. It’s fucking awesome.

In the Old Testament times it was called a “cure-all for everything but death” (as the prophet Mohammed raved about it). It’s been used topically, since ancient times, from the Greek to Ayurvedic medicine, to relieve any skin disorder like acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, etc. It’s inflammation ass-kicking is probably due to it’s content of thymoquinine, a phytochmical. Recent research of this phytochemical, which the plant is known for, has shown that Nigella sativa (also known as fennel flower, aww) has anti-cancer properties. Big ups there.

Anyhow, I began washing my face with this Black Cumin Seed Honey and HUZZAH! My face loved it. I also found a locally distilled rosewater, which I have been using as a toner, and that’s been so nice as well. Honey and roses, what could be better? Through a little pistachio in there, and you’ve got every desert I have eaten in the past 5 weeks.

Instantly my skin felt softer. The little bumps were fading quickly. After only a few days, my face began to clear up. And now, my acne marks are fading away, the black heads are almost gone, and I feel I’ve gotten most of my glow back.

Lesson learned: a little sweetness saves the day face!