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Travel Post 1: A terrible idea.

December 16, 2013

Not all that bad, though. ;)

I may have a cold and am lacking vital skincare items, but really  its not all that bad. 😉

Just over 2 weeks ago, Adri the baby Z and I packed a few bags and left the keys to our cozy Montreal apartment (and cats!) to a friend, not to return until March. This is the first year that we’ve decided to take advantage of our flexible lifestyle and say arrivederci to the insanity that is Canadian winter and ma’salam alaykum to warmish weather (and that’s a hint as to the 2 very different places where we’ll be!)

This, of course, is a fantastic idea, so that’s not what I’m alluding to by the post’s title.

No, the terrible idea came when I decided NOT to bring any skincare products with me. I know. Three months and none of my staples. Just me, my sensitive face, the desert and airplanes. What was I thinking? My skin has been tight, itchy, breaking out (for the first time in ages) and just overall blech. And I hate blech. I had actually forgotten how sensitive my skin is, how reactive it is to drugstore brands (I know you guys, but I really needed something this one day and I was in a pretty normal/uninteresting mall (not a neato souk) and Boots (which I know is full of bad stuff, but I admit I have a soft spot for and we don’t have much of it in Canada) was there, and I found some inexpensive SPF and face wash to tie me over. For sensitive skin. And it freaking BURNS. Ugh.)

Let me explain why I thought maybe this little experiment could have been a good idea in the first place. The idea was that I would be forced to get creative and hack some skincare (which I have done) OR find some local wares at said neato souk for inspiration for potential new products. This was a very failed case of know thyself, in reverse. I’m going to do these things anyhow, duh. But without my GF? I’m lost, man. I’ve actually resorted to using some diaper balm I made for baby Z (he never gets diaper rash so he’s never used it) as an emergency face balm. I’m actually adoring it because not only is my face a hot mess BUT I’ve also got a cold and my poor  shnoz is all dry and red, and this is really helping with the healing process  (It’s also giving me an idea for a potential new product…) . I also made a delicious scrub one day using honey, raw sugar, powdered coconut milk and a little rosewater. Highly recommended!

So, what’s the lesson we’ve learned here? Experiments are all well and good, but don’t mess with a good thing. In this case, I should have sacrificed a pair of socks and packed my freaking products. Giant facepalm.