the only “soda” you really need? baking soda!

March 04, 2011

When I’m excited about something, I get really into it. I mean, really. I’ll google a subject to an inch of it’s life. I buy, borrow and download books about it. I research and “ooooh” and “aaaah” over it to a point of absurdity. I’ll blather on about it to anybody who listens. I’ll subject my boyfriend, myself and other unfortunate loved ones to “experiment” with said obsession.

I guess I’m pretty easy to please, because lately it’s been all about the baking soda. Inexpensive, non-toxic, multi-purpose, and SO EFFECTIVE. There’s nothing not to love about baking soda. Right? Right.

Without much further ado, here’s how YOU can get down with your thrifty, environment-loving beautiful self with none other than the Soda of Baking, the Bakingest of all the Sodas; Baking Soda!

1. Your teeth: Brush ’em with it. I remember as a kid I used to brush my teeth with pure baking soda. I guess that was my first beauty DIY (except for the baby-oil spa treatments that my sister and I would treat our poor Barbies to…and the many summers of using home-made SunIn…and the blue Kool-Aid hair dye circa 1994.) Anyhow, I look back at old photos, and I really do have me some freakishly white teeth, and this was before good old BS (baking soda, doy) started showing up in our toothpaste tooobs. Turns out that 10 year old me was on to something; baking soda is a great mechanical scrubber for theeth and gums, and is also a good antiseptic.

2. Scrub your house. I have always used, off and on, baking soda as a cleaning product. Since deciding to go toxin-free, it’s all I use to scrub the kitchen and bathroom. Still, every time, I get excited about how well it works. I like to “HA!” triumphantly as I wipe soap scum away. I feel like I am cheating both grime AND the manufacturers of house cleaning products, which is pretty sweet.

3. Treat your burns. I really wish I would have known that baking soda is extremely effective as a first aid measure in treating scalded skin, back when I was cooking in the buff and leaned against a cast iron pan that had been in the oven.  it now looks as though I have 2 bellybuttons…or a third nipple that wandered a bit low. In any case, let this be a lesson to you. Cast Iron pans = danger! Therefore, keep baking soda handy, and apply it to bad burns as you rush yourself to the emergency room.  And don’t cook when naked. Maybe.

4. Wash your hair. I admit, I’m not part of the no-poo populace and with my hair, I don’t want to partake in that oily party. I can’t; my hair is too fine, it makes me looks like a drowning rat.  Although I don’t exactly shampoo anymore (I use Dr.Bronner’s soaps), I still consider working up a lather of any kind washing. I’ve also discovered the little miracles that are the apple cider vinegar rinse, and the baking soda scrub. OH MAN! Baking soda completely clarifies hair, making it feel bouncier and stronger, somehow. It took out the sickly slippery conditioner feel that I’m actually not missing at all, once and for all. I’ve only done a baking soda scrub once, and it felt like magic on my scalp, and a couple days  ago I diluted about 2 tbsps of this powdered gold into a cup of warm water and rinsed it through my hair. So did my skeptic of a boyfriend, who reported that his hair felt soft and manageable (and not the dreaded “poofy”). We both give it a big thumbs up, but probably won’t do it more than once a week.

Are you excited yet?! BAKING SODA!!!!!

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