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The Montreal Gazette rocks. Read this article!

May 18, 2011

yum, lead!

The Montreal Gazette released this article on Monday…it exposes some hidden ingredients in common cosmetics (not hidden as in bonus…hidden as in, “oh crap, don’t tell anybody there’s lead and arsenic in this cheap garbage”.) It really didn’t shock me, per se, but let’s just say that the situation isn’t getting any better. Biggest surprise: Benetint, a lip stain I once loved, came out rock (and lead) bottom. Shame on you, Benefit! The only one BENEFITING are Benefit. Wah-wah!

Ok, then check out this article, in retaliation to Monday’s article. Basically, science says “meh, no big deal unless you’re eating tons of the stuff”. Umm, do you think any of them are going to start using Benetint (assuming they like lipgloss to begin with)? I doubt it.

More the dose makes the poison mentality… I say, just go au naturel. I don’t mean stop using lip balms and glosses (what kind of sick joke is that?), just USE NATURAL BALM! Like mine…full or organic yumminess…and no heavy metals. You can save THAT for your headphones, thankyouverymuch.