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The Beauty Q&A with Sammie Kolk, Makeup Artist

March 11, 2019

The Beauty Q&A with Sammie Kolk, Makeup Artist

Welcome to part one of Stark's Beauty Interview series, where we ask some of our favourite beauty experts and personalities a little about their personal routines, signature looks and take a stroll down beauty memory lane.
Sammie is a makeup artist, blogger and Instagrammer with serious style. Her blog and Instagram page are choc full of drool-worthy shots of her impeccable interior design skills, amazing fashion and jewellery finds, and, of course, her simple yet statement-worthy makeup looks that constantly make one want to venture out of their makeup comfort zone...all while using nearly exclusively green products! Sammie is the cool-girl-next-door (plus, she grew up in Montreal!), and she and her musician husband are just the type of people I could hang out with all day long!
Stark: Are you a night owl or a morning lark, and does this affect your skincare routine?  
Sammie: I'd say definitely more of a morning lark - but I (both night and morning) love to focus on really taking time with my skincare and treating it well.
Stark: If you HAD to choose, full skincare routine and basic makeup OR all the makeup you want/love and basic skincare? 
Sammie: OMG this is SO hard for me. Cus I DEFINITELY love and want all the makeup but skincare is also SO important to me and really creates that perfect canvas for makeup application. So...neither? LOL.
Stark: What’s the most important part of your bedtime routine? 
Sammie: Brushing my teeth? Haha, just kidding. (But not really...) I'd say for sure making sure my skin is adequately moisturized/hydrated before I hit the sack.
Stark: Do you have any beauty sleep hacks?
Sammie:I love to sleep with a humidifier next to my side of the bed. Also, I love a good spot treatment before bed, as it works its magic while I'm sleeping.
Stark: What’s the first thing you do when you get up?
Sammie: Brush my teeth (I'm on a roll here..) and splash my face with some lukewarm water...maybe take a cloth and gently wipe away any excess oils.
Stark: What's the first part of your self-care routine when you get up? 
Sammie: Stretching. I also love incorporating gua sha into my morning skincare routine.
Stark: If you have 3 minutes to get ready to get out the door, what do you do? (Or, do you have any beauty time-saving hacks?)
Sammie: Quick spritz of face mist, face oil, conceal, brows, mascara...tinted chapstick. I usually won't sit in front of my vanity for this, because sitting at my vanity is a sacred thing for me and it usually means I'll be there for awhile.
Stark: Do you have a special day for masks and other beauty treats? How do you create that ritual?
Sammie: I don't really, actually. I love doing a mask almost every night or every other night. But typically I just go with how I'm feeling and how much time I have. :)
Stark: What beauty habit do you wish you’d adopt, but just haven’t yet? 
Sammie: Ugh, I am horrible at dry brushing. I started and did it for awhile and then it felt like a chore lol. Maybe I'll pick it back up again soon...
Stark: What are some of your first beauty memories?
Sammie: Watching my mum put on her makeup for a night out or event. Also, (later on) Youtube makeup videos...all...the...time.
Stark: Do you have any beauty idols?
Sammie: Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Zoe Kravitz...and more recently, Lucy Boynton! Her makeup artist Jo Baker is INSANELY talented.
Stark: Beauty YouTuber you follow religiously?
Stark: Do you have memories of some of your earliest beauty splurges or products you couldn't live without in your teen years? Do you have any products or brands you still use from back then?
Sammie: Gosh, do I ever. I loved me some Lip Smackers (remember the Dr. Pepper one?), and I have vivid memories of my aunt selling Mary K products and so my mum would always have them around. I'd play with them all the time! In my teen years, I'd have to say I probably just bought drugstore brands lol.
Stark: How has your philosophy around self-care and beauty changed over the years?
Sammie: Oh my gosh, it's changed leaps and bounds! I actually care about what I'm putting onto my skin, and what I am doing with my skin - whether that be skincare, makeup, bodycare.. it all matters SO much more to me now. Also, taking time to create self-care rituals or sit at my vanity and simply brainstorm, play and create.
Stark: What beauty products do you pack with you for a weekend away? Any strategies when you don’t have your full arsenal with you?
Sammie: Whew, I am not good with this. I end up (almost always) bringing too much. I'm an anxious packer and always think "but what if I want..." or "what if I need..." So I end up packing whatever I'd use at home, and then sometimes extra options lol. BUT, if I don't have my full arsenal with me, I try to pack multi-purpose products. Like a face balm that can also double as a face cleanser. Or a lipstick that is multi-use for lips and cheeks and eyes. Eyeshadow palettes are a good idea too - cus you'll have some extra choices!
Stark: Which beauty trends are you excited about? What have you recently adopted? Anything you want to try?
Sammie: Clean beauty has come such a long way from what it was and I'm so stoked to see where it's at and what it's still becoming! I'm excited for even better formulations, longer-lasting products and fun colours. I'm loving the glowy/glossy skin trend, and hoping it sticks around! I'm also loving the very bright, colourful monochromatic looks!
Stark: Which beauty trends do you wish would just go away?
Sammie: Instagram makeup - full face, intense brows, "strobing"...NO THANK YOU. (I mean, this is just my personal preference, but if it works for you and you dig it and feel great in it, go for it!)
Stark: What beauty stigmas do you wish could just go away?
Sammie: Not embracing aging. It's a part of life, I'm getting older by the second...I want to embrace my lines and wrinkles and whatever comes with it and start to LOVE that, not hate it. Yes, it's great to use products that keep your skin looking youthful, plump and promote healthy age progression - but you catch my gist.
Stark: If you could choose a beauty look that could be your signature, what would it be? (Eg. winged eyeliner, red lip, big hair, etc)
Sammie: Probably a pop of a little circle/dot of colour under the eye/lower lashline.

Stark: Do you have a signature scent?
Sammie: I love amber, musky scents. One of my favourites is by Rosie Jane's "Rosie" roll-on perfume oil.
Stark: Do you have a self-care soundtrack?
Sammie: I love indie soul. Anything that makes you want to move and groove. (Sorry that was corny, but seriously, I love it lol.)

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