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Makeup I actually LOVE + *sale* at Kiss & Makeup!

July 12, 2013 0 Comments

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Being a total package-nerd, I adore Ilia’s heavy metallic tubes…they make a VERY satisfying “click”, too! (It’s in the details, right?)

I’m going to cut right to the chase, here folks. My Vancouver friends at the gorgeous store Kiss & Makeup (cute name!) are having a sale on their site EXCLUSIVE TO STARK READERS! I know, how effing cool are they!? The answer is, very.

They carry some of the best of natural brands, including Stark (YAY!), Ilia, RMS, COOLA, Kahina, Tata Harper and Rahua, plus way too much gorgeous clothing and accessories (obsessed with Frye’s or Pendleton like I am? Here’s your chance!). No really, I go on their site and I get heart palpitations. They also have some non-natural or close-to-natural products that they’ve curated into their shop, like Stila, Becca and Fresh, in case you’re flexible about your natural-ness… they choose the best of the best, natural or not, so you can trust their expertise.

to get 10% off anything in their store when you spend $100 July 12th until August 10th! ….oh, and FREE SHIPPING too! I know. This is awesome. Oh, and this is for Canada only…’cause sometimes we need some exclusive perks, know what I mean? Yeah, you do.

Alright…now about that makeup…. read on, below my giant head, for my mini review on my favourite makeup!

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What’s in my makeup bag?

May 09, 2012 0 Comments

I forgot to blog about this really cool experience I had when Laurie of ProductGirl grilled me about what I carry around in my makeup bag. So much fun!  

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