DIY Haircut! The Creaclip and why it’s essential to my life right now.

May 14, 2012

Don’t be alarmed, but I just got my highly anticipated CreaClip in the mail today!

CreaClip is a cool home hair-cutting gadget that is getting some phenomenal reviews and demos all over the innernets (like here, herehere and here). Yes, they’re basically clips that help guide you through a haircut. I know, sounds highly suspect. I promise, it’s no joke. This shizz is for real.

My first impression is that they feel like they’re good quality, which is obviously a great sign. They have a nice weight to them, “snap” together in a satisfying way and are not made of cheap plastic. Yes, for essentially plastic clips they are not cheap, but they are not cheap in quality, either. Considering they cost less than a cheap haircut, I feel they are a good deal.

I’ve never bought something that felt so “infomercialy”, but the idea is pure genius and it’s so simple. It’s a fool-proof guide to where your hair needs to be cut; the right angle, the right shape, and even has a bubble-level-thing to allow you to cut straight across (or at a perfect angle if that’s your thing). After watching a bunch of videos (way more than I care to admit to), I KNEW it was a perfect product for me.
For one: I’m all about the DIY.
Two: It looks WAY too easy not to give it a shot.
Three: All the haircuts were gorgeous. Not one person messed it up!

Alrighty. Why am I SO excited about this? Full disclosure time. 

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how to trim your own hair

how to trim your own hair

February 12, 2011

who needs a trim?

I’ve been a beauty DIY’er for quite some time. I hardly see a pro for anything.

Ok, a seasonal mani-pedi at one of the Korean places up on St-Catherine’s, an occasional eyebrow threading at the Arabic place up on Cote-Vertu but that’s pretty much it. I even cut my own hair! I don’t mean bangs; all of it. Now that it’s very long, the bf has to help out, but I think that still counts as a self-cut. And you know what? Nobody can tell.

The best part is that I save a lot of money on haircuts that look stupid. The even better part is that I don’t come out of the salon with hair that’s been “textured” (ie thinned out even more) or “layered” (ie thinned out even more). I have fine hair! My hair feels so limp and sad when it’s been texturized, and all the mousse and crap they put in there just makes it crunchy. Ugh.


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