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Guest Post: Playing in the Park, adult edition.

May 27, 2013 0 Comments

By Sami Fink, lover of parks and wanderer of the world. Check out her blog at http://samifink.com/

I love everything about life in a city. The fast pace, high energy, diverse neighborhoods, close proximity to good restaurants and music venues – there are few aspects of city life that I do not love. Yet despite my penchant for concrete jungles, I begin feeling stir crazy if I am away from nature for too long. I am passionate about plants and farming and I find it nearly impossible to be unhappy when surrounded by fresh air, trees, and songbirds. What’s a city girl to do when nature beckons?


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Guest Post: What the MF is Meadowfoam, Anyway?

May 04, 2013 0 Comments

Melanie Robin is a globe-trotting environmental scientist with 2 newly adopted dog-children, Tui and Brin.

My skin type is dry and sensitive. Plus, we just moved out to oh-so arid prairies. So the combination of the weather and my already constantly thirsty skin made me feel like I was pretty much pruning up before people’s eyes. I felt and feel like a raisin frequently. You know in the 80s classic Beetlejuice when they summon the dead couple at that seance towards the end of the movie and then they shrivel and age in a matter of moments hovering above the table? That’s how it feels for dry-skinned folk like me throughout the course of a day (minus the hovering above the table, haven’t quite gotten there in my yoga practice yet). I have frequently fantasized about a device that could pick me up comfortably by the shoulders with two clothes-peg type devices, and dip me into a vat of lotion. So when Jess went for the creation of this super-hydration oil, needless to say, I was stoked. So, dry-skinned sisters and brothers, gather round and rejoice because Stark has heard our pleas, and let me tell you a tale. A tale about a hero named meadowfoam.

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guest post: Organic Vs. Natural: Always read the Ingredient list!

March 07, 2011 0 Comments

Am I getting famous or what? *cough cough* My very first guest blogger, from my personal favourite yogini Mara from Art in Practice. Recently, I was interviewed about natural/organic skin care products for an upcoming episode of CBC’s Marketplace. Being...

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