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Why detoxify?

September 30, 2013 0 Comments

As delicious as it may be, we are all aware that the MSG in the Chinese take out from down the street is doing us no favours. We all know that a lot of the over-the-counter pharmaceutical prods are chemical badness. We know that grandma’s trick of white vinegar to clean the mirror is better than the fluorescent blue spray. But why? What do toxins do in our body, and what havoc do they wreak that we need to prevent? In this special Stark nerd blog investigation, we wanted to do more than just explain how to detoxify, or how often you should, or what Hollywood celebrity is doing which lemon juice cayenne pepper milk thistle colon blow cleanse – we wanted to go deeper and uncover: what are toxins up to in the body? Why do we care, and what can we do about it? So much press is devoted to ‘detoxify’ these days. So we are asking, why?

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inquiring minds want to know…

March 13, 2012 0 Comments

Bet you didn’t think it was THAT easy, huh? Psst, if the video above isn’t working, here’s the link.

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A Week in Reviews

February 29, 2012 0 Comments

Holy press mentions, Batman! (ouch, that was lame, so sorry.) Quite the week we had for reviews… in fact, it was our very first week of reviews and press, and we got 3 amazing reviews on 2 very, very classy...

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oil & balm cleansing: the oldest new way to better skin

February 18, 2012 0 Comments

Yesterday I tried to make a video about this post. Twice. how do vloggers do it? I’m ridiculous on camera! I love the challenge, so I will try again. For now, here’s a written version, more or less, of what...

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give oil a chance.

July 15, 2011 0 Comments

boy toddler playing in river. black and white.

washing in the river: keeps us youthful!

Recently, a dazzling beauty of a friend of mine (with perfect skin) asked me if I was planning on making any products to help sop up excess oils and combat the evils of facial shine. I said no, because I love oil, skin loves oil, and oil is not the enemy (I also recommend that she just get some rice blotting papers, to take off excess without adding anything yucky to her face or taking away too much of the good stuff).

We just so happened to be standing in a river in Hudson, Quebec, and I just so happened to be holding a pot of cleansing balm (oops, there’s a giveaway about what mysterious new products I’m about to release!) and so I demonstrated how clean and refreshed the oil cleansing method, when done right, can make your skin feel. Seriously, I can’t make a scenario like this one up. We washed our faces in the river, using my awesome blend of cleansing oils, toweled off (on a sweatshirt) and she said “Hey, that does feel nice!”

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