Stark Skincare featured in *wallpaper!

October 17, 2012


When *wallpaper contacted me several weeks back, I was all “No way!” and they were all like “Way!”. Actually, that’s not what it was like at all, but I was a little amazing-media-star-struck. Like Monocle (who also contacted me….the UK loves them some Stark!), *wallpaper is one of those magazines and webzines that just make me go gaga. I love design. I love beautiful things. I love simplicity. I love being inspired.

These magazines so get that.Unlike fashion mags (which I also love, I will admit), these magazines make me want to do bigger and greater things in the world instead of contemplate the best methods of hair removal. They make me want to take sommellier courses (when I’m done with my pregnancy and breastfeeding, of course!). They make me want to go to art galleries every week. They make me want to invest in good furniture and good socks.

The items they choose to feature always remind me that in a world of stuff, some stuff simply stands out. Some stuff is made to last, made with love, made with a keen eye for design and a discerning nose/hand/palette. In a world of soulless  disposable things, some things are made with a whole lot of heart, from people who care about more than bottom-lines and profit margins. So, I’m happy that Stark has found it’s place amongst these great things.

Onto their review!

“Natural skincare lines are a dime a dozen these days, but not many come in as nice a package as Stark. The vegan, environmentally friendly Canadian brand is all about showcasing the resilience and power of nature, using a menu of plant-derived clays, oils and extracts in its formulations. Launched in February, Stark’s inaugural 4-strong offering of a waterless cleansing and hydrating balm, green tea detox clay mask, a calming willow bark tonic and a regulating, anti-oxidant rich face oil are made locally in small batches every four weeks for top notch freshness. Last month, it added a fifth member, a simple Argan lip treatment that softens lips with a tiny slick. Conceived as a complement to busy city lives, this Montreal-based line’s less-is-more mantra suits us perfectly. “



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