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Seriously, don’t buy dry shampoo.

December 22, 2013




Because it’s SO easy to make!

One ingredient. Cornstarch. Or arrowroot powder. Possibly tapioca could work, too. In powder form, or else you’ll have wet, lumpy hair which is probably the opposite effect that we’re going for here. I spoon arrowroot into a shaker-type bottle (I use an old cinnamon bottle, works fab!) and add a couple drops of essential oil because I’m crazy-fancy like that. Usually lavender, as it has cleansing properties and when you’re dry shampooing? Usually it’s because your hair isn’t the cleanest, so a little lavender makes a lovely deodorizer. (On that note, this stuff makes an awesome foot powder if you’re super blister-prone like me and love to walk an excessive amount.)

I have dark hair and as long as I work the shampoo in relatively well, there’s no trace of white powder in my hair…at least, nobody has mentioned it. I’m pretty sure it’s fine. I’ve also used this in my husband’s hair (short, thick, black…works well) and my son’s hair (silky, all kinds of colours, made of adorable.) when they need a little freshening up. Obviously, this is a life-saver while travelling! I also love how it makes my hair feel thicker and fuller, and it’s AWESOME if you’ve done your hair a day (or two or three) ago and you need to make the look last but you’re waaaay too lazy to do the whole wash, condition, put some kind of product in, blowdry or airdry, straighten or whatever else you do to make it look good, but know you shouldn’t do too often, because hello brittle.

Ok, go do this now!