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sea change is coming and etc.

May 02, 2012

a rolling stone gathers no that good or bad?

Hello friend!

Lately I’ve just been having this feeling in my gut that change is coming.

Yeah, I guess our move has something to do with it. We’re leaving our beloved apartment in St.Henri, my favorite Montreal district, for a side of town I NEVER thought I would live in. I don’t care much for the new neighborhood (not yet, anyhow) but there’s some really cool perks, such as a MASSIVE park across the street, including Montreal’s Botanical Gardens, and our balcony and my office (I get my OWN office! No sharesies! Yay!) has the funniest view of the…

Montreal’s leaning tower of debt. I mean, it’s RIGHT fricken THERE. Also, this place is uber-sunny, a corner unit on the top floor so I can have  a jungle at home! I haven’t been able to have an indoor garden since my first apartment when I was 17, so I’m really looking forward to that. OH, and my HUGE kitchen is sunny, spacious and stark white! Yeee! I can already picture the cats sprawling and doing their yoga in a patch of sun, all of us one big happy family. *sigh*

But beyond that, I’ve just been buzzing and tingling with this sense of optimism and possibility.

I LOVE that feeling. It’s a tidal wave I rode for the 15 ish months it took me to fully create Stark, where no nay-sayers could put me down or dissuade me (“It’s a crowded market! How do you know people will love your stuff? Can you do this? Can you afford to do this and can you afford not to?” which was mostly coming from me, but still…I ignore myself pretty well!). I love that high of being able to tell negativity to shut up and get lost, while you blissfully live the life you were meant to live. Although hard at first, it becomes routine and then change happens. There’s no choice! It’s like when you’re in that mindset, positive change is the only thing that fits in the new mold.

Well, I feel that wave coming again….

But, first I had to slip up a little.

For the past 2 months or so I’ve been so busy that I’ve almost been numb, just ploughing through every day, trying to do as much as I humanly can and virtually ignoring myself. When we were in New York, I noticed I had gained weight, and was like “hmm, how did this happen? Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten to exercise in like, 10 weeks… also, the chips? No bueno.” So I’ve been a little bummed (or BIG bummed, as the case may be, har har), but decided that this is, instead, a good opportunity to pull my socks up and bust out the mat and try to do a sit up or two.

Yup, it’s self-improvement time yet again! Do you guys go through these phases of cranking up the “be better” notches and learn some new skills or start some new good habits? Adri and I get a little obsessed with this, and I’m long overdo for a lifestyle clean-up.

Also,the decision to get back on track with Jess-time also made me decide to start sharing a little more with you guys (which may sound a little contradictory). I’m always up to something, making something, listening to something, trying something out, and it’s so much fun to learn what peeps are up to and in to, so maybe you guys want to read about the specific things I like and do as well. This is the age we live in, where we get to share so much all over the innernets. And, well, I like it. I love reading foodie blogs and DIY and style blogs, and of course, product review and lifestyle blogs, so except more of that from moi.

Keep in mind that in so many ways, I’m no pro. Yes, I can make some kick-ass-lovely skincare products, but give me some liquid eyeliner and all I can do is draw a twirly moustache on my face. I know ingredients and how to use them and what they do…but “beauty” pro, I am not…. but that will be part of the fun!

So, where we go. Spring is kinda somewhat here, a new apartment awaits me in 3 weeks, my fingies are revved for some blogging, my makeup bag is primed for some new products and my new camera is begging for a video to be made.

Stay tuned, folks!

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