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packages in the mail=instant happiness

February 23, 2011

"packages means box and paper! Excite!"

I lovegetting stuff in the mail. It doesn’t matter whether I know what I’m getting or not, I love hearing the door buzzer and greeting the mail/Fedex/UPS man/woman, signing whatever they put in front of me and hugging my package while doing a snoopy dance around the kitchen. I guess this is why I tend to do most of my shopping online…for the snoopy dance factor. (I just realized now as the door buzzer made me jump, that I get just as excited when our groceries are delivered. Yay snoopy dance! The vegetables are here!)

Yesterday I received a box from my good friend in Akaroa, New Zealand. Yep, same day as the big earthquake! Luckily she, and her boyfriend, are fine. In the package, a re-purposed tissue box I believe (yay reusing!), she included some maps of her small town, some Christchurch pens, some ridiculously named candy such as “Mighty Perky Nana” AND a jar of amazing passionfruit curd AND some mind-blowing passionfruit fudge. Yes, FUDGE! I literally had a mouthgasm the first time I tried it.  Anyhow, aside from the heart tingles I got from seeing my dear friend’s handwriting, and knowing how special it is to be the recipient of such a sweet, thoughtful package, a couple of  slightly more overarching ideas came to me. I’ll share.

mouthgasm-inducing passionfruit fudge. you'll never be the same.

1. The curd was nestled in cute brown paper that my friend said her eggs come wrapped in (reusing again! yay!). It looks pretty, with a sticker about the farm the chickens are raised on, and a little feather wedged in. Besides the fact that my cat got extremely excited over this whole feather AND paper business (like 2 of her favourite things all at once), it made me realize that this is such a simple yet effective way to remind people of the source of their food. In Montreal, it’s easy to become disconnected from food sources, and although I am lucky enough to shop at outdoor markets with produce from local(ish) farms, I don’t think I have ever seen local eggs for sale. Although we do buy free-range eggs, I wonder if they truly are. It could be just more deceitful greenwashing (see article below), but I’d like to think  my eggs came from happy chickens…I guess that’s the point.

2. Passionfruit is awesome. I want to grow my own. Expect to see passionfruit oil in upcoming Stark products!