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new labels, dinner and me telling you what to do.

February 10, 2011

Such a busy day today! We have a deadline to get some products out to my friend Mara in Toronto, and my designer/boyfriend has been working his buns off getting the new labels ready… can’t wait to show all of your how fantastic they are!

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a writing assignment, as well as figuring out how to make our labels truly waterproof. In the midst of our busy day, I made us dinner.

I made the easy greens stir fry or something inspired by the Veganomicon. I used Chinese broccoli which had tiny yellow flowers in it (aw!) and tender Asian eggplants. Those things have the nicest purple colour, don’t they? Anyhow, as a sauce I whipped up some soy sauce, sesame oil, chili-garlic paste, maple syrup (always my secret ingredient…shhh!) and a dab of natural peanut butter. All this on quinoa! Oh yeah!

This is my first attempt at food-porn photography. Didn’t bother busting out the good camera or photoshop, though, so it’s not as enticing as it could be. I suppose. It tasted magnificent, let me tell you! And hardly any ingredients! Which reminds me, if you don’t know the stone soup, you should.  She’s amazing…all her recipes use 5 ingredients or less, and they’re so hearty and yummers. Used her recipes all summer long, and they’re man-approved (read: sometimes meaty), too.

Because I’m so fabulous, my lovely bf bought me a supercute orchid. It’s small and peachy with magenta accents. Sounds like a nice colour palette for eyeshadow.

It’s totally sideways in the picture here, but I’m too tired to fuss with photos today. I still have about 6000 words due by tomorrow! (Feels like I’m still a student!)

Anyhow, this flower is a reminder to do something nice for yourself today, and put something pretty in your workspace! I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. It makes you feel good. 🙂