My Tiny-Wedding Beauty Routine

March 01, 2013

Guess what? I’m getting married tomorrow! To Adri! Now, when I call him my husband, he actually will be!

Obviously, I’m really excited and happy about marrying my best friend, business partner, baby-daddy and absolute love of my life. He proposed to me on Christmas day (also his birthday…weird huh?) and I think amongst all my bawling I sputtered out a yes. We just wanted something ultra-ultra low-key for now. Just get the deed done, more or less, and make it a special date for the two of us. With the baby coming, we really can’t budget the time and money for a real wedding with a reception, guests, food and whatnot, so we’re heading to the court with 2 of our good friends as witnesses and then the 2 of us newly-weds are heading off to a nice hotel we booked downtown for some heated rooftop swimming, fake champagne, takeout and snuggles, sexytime, quality time.

Even though only a handful of people will even see me tomorrow (in all my 9+ months pregnant glory/bloat), I am a woman, and I do like looking nice. You know how it is. I didn’t exactly go all-out on my outfit, hair and makeup, but I don’t want to roll up in my PJs either!

So, here’s my beauty plan for manana:

Outfit: I didn’t want to spend much on a maternity wedding outfit that hardly anybody would get to appreciate. Also…not really the type of thing you could wear more than once, right? What can I say, I’m practical and a minimalist. So, I am wearing a very comfy long black skirt empire-waisted over my bump. I have a vintage lace shirt, a vintage blue belt with a gold lion’s head buckle, some simple jewellery and some vintage black boots (but I may take them off when I get there…barefoot and pregnant, it just suits me.) I’m going for something casual-ish, simple, comfy and vintage-inspired.

Skin: Although I am tempted to do a number of  crazy concoctions on my face today, I’ll take it easy and stick to what I know my face likes (which is Stark…I’m sure you’re not surprised.). No use tempting fate right now!

  • First, I will do a quick cleanse/rinse with water and a Konjac sponge.
  • Then I will do a 10 minute steam over some lavender and chamomile flowers.
  • I will follow this with a Green Tea Detox Clay Mask mixed with manuka honey. ~15 minutes.
  • Next, I will wash off the mask using that crazy technique with our Grapefruit Balm.
  • Following all this, I will probably use a new facial oil that I can’t tell you about right now. 😉 (shhhh, I didn’t say anything!)

Hair: Today I am conditioning it with this crazy henna, clay and herb stuff I bought in the souq in Kuwait. It smells and looks weird but gives my hair good texture. I am going to follow that up with a coconut and shea masque, then wash and condition it. I’ll apply a little Meadowfoam the Everybody Oil to the ends. When it’s semi-dry, up in a sock-bun it will go!  Tomorrow, I will style it in some kind of loose, casual chignon-type thing with a pretty vintage broach I have with enamel flowers and little jewels.

Makeup: I’m sooooo excited when I get to wear makeup! Tomorrow, I will be wearing my all-time favourites:

  • From Ilia Beauty: A great RED lip conditioner/lipstick for the un-brave called Wild Child… I got it here!
  • From RMS Beauty: Their infamous Living Luminizer. I put it in the inner corners of my eyes to make me look awake. I go it here as well!
  • From Vapour, this kinda non-foundation foundation. The ingredients are so good, and the coverage is light and breathable, yet makes an impact on your skin…its more of a BB cream, I think. But thicker.
  • Eyelids: probably a mish mash of Living Luminizer and/or Ilia Iluminator in Sway. I won’t do mascara or eyeliner as I KNOW I’m going to be (literally) crying my face off anyhow.

Nails: Don’t hate, but I bought some non-clean nailpolish and I’m actually SO excited to wear it! It’s a new thing by CoverGirl, and apparently it is very good. I got this neutral naked colour. Kinda beige-ish. Doesn’t sound so exciting, but whatever, it’s been YEARS since I have painted my nails and toes!

I think that pretty much covers it, besides tweezing my eyebrows and shaving my legs! Haha!

Anyhow, wish me luck! I’ll post a photo when I have one! xo


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