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My new glow! {a personal post!}

October 16, 2012

Well hello there! You may already have a pretty big hunch what this post is about, I mean, the title pretty much gives away my big reveal….

Yes, I’m pregnant! Adri and I, since we love making stuff together so darn much, just went ahead and made ourselves a brand new human! Definitely the biggest project either of us has ever launched, and coming in March, Stark & company grows from two to three (although, I don’t think baby will be on the payroll. I hear they’re not the best employees, what with the stubby little fingers and not being able to hold the weight of their own heads and all.)

So, yes this time I am glowing, for real!

Nobody tells you that a pregnancy glow is not because you become this super womanly goddess who radiates motherly love. Not really. I’m glowing because I’m a one-woman blood producing factory (what with the growing of a baby and placenta in me), and my face is hot and flushes. I’m hot all the time, except when my feet are freezing. I feel like I’m going through puberty again and again. I cry easily, I’m tired ALL THE TIME, I love Gummy Bears and my boobs no longer resemble my own. My skin is crazy oily (not a problem, I have quite the arsenal of Stark products at my disposal and I love the TE mask even more now!) and my hair and nails look fabulous. I’m already starting to show quite a bit, so wearing clothes is awkward at best (need maternity fashion advice!) Oh, and rice is the most disgusting, vile thing in the world and I suddenly can’t understand how I ever liked it. I’m also obsessed with all things maternity and baby. Obviously. My brain has been hijacked by the hormones that just make me want to coo over tiny socks and learn how to knit miniscule tuques. I hear that the sight of a onesie gives my skin a particular rosy hue.  Phew. Glowing from a few drops of CY oil is so much simpler!

current size of baby!

And did I mention how much I love it all? Ok, I slept through the summer, and my productivity is somewhat down. I’ve had to pause some new projects. So I don’t want to cook anything besides making “banana milk” and Marmite sandwiches, my new weird obsessions (although I did pull off a great Thanksgiving dinner for 7!). I’m also having a hard time writing and clearing the cobwebs from my brain (I also quit coffee. So. Hard.) And maybe now this rant makes a whole lot more sense, considering I was in my 1st trimester hibernation and had only known I was preggo for about a month at the time. I was a little freaked out, even though our pregnancy was planned.

But, I’m happy. SO HAPPY! I really can’t wait to be a mama. I know it will be hard. Really hard, and I know that I don’t really know what I’m about to face. But I do know that this brain fog will eventually pass.  I know that as sleep deprived as I will be, papa Adri and I will always be working on making Stark better for you, because it’s still what we love. Besides baking a fine baby, it’s still my #1 priority.

So, I wanted to share this happy news with you! I will try not to make this into a mommy-blog, but do expect a few posts about maternity skincare!

Also, I’m a noob at this whole pregnancy and baby thing. I would love to hear your advice! (But no horror stories please!)