My horoscope told me to run a contest today. {CLOSED}

January 26, 2013

mf preview

{Contest is closed! See bottom of post for winners!}

For reals. I usually don’t even READ my horoscope (probably a Scorpio thing), but it actually said that I should run a contest on January 26th…so why not? I was going to have one for the launch of the new product anyhow (I’ll be revealing what it is in a few days…I looooove teasing you! ha!).

So….what shall I ask from you? I’ll make it easy this time (no photo contest, as fun as that was!).

Well, first I will give you a little clue about the new product. Know how all our stuff has little “elemental” names like GF or CY? This new one’s name is MF. Hmmm….what could MF stand for? What could it be? What does it all mean?

You don’t really need to guess, you just need to share the love!

Leave comments on the Stark blog (on any post you like, including this one!), then
 about the contest (I loooove Twitter love! You can use the Tweet button on the left, or make up your own, just remember to @starkskincare and use the hashtag #MFStark) and don’t forget to share this post on your Facebook wall (and tell me when you do it in the comments below) so you have more chances of winning a so-called MF of your very own! I will draw three very lucky MFers on February 14th. Err, I mean. Well, you know what I mean.

Also, presales will soon be available and the launch is still scheduled for early/mid February. Hopefully you’ll have some MF in your life by Valentines day. Wink wink!

Feb. 15th update: CONTEST CLOSED!

Winners are:

Krista Lyn Harrison (via Twitter)

Avigayil (via comment below)

Michelle T. (via comment below)


YAY CONGRATS!! email me to send me your coordinates to receive your prize!




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