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June 06, 2011


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Happy Monday everybody! So, I’ve realized a few things when I switched from a fairly-but-not-strict green beauty regime, to a completely, 100% non-toxic and no synthetics regime. I just thought I would share a few thoughts I’ve had.

missionary position

One, a green, toxin-free skincare routine starts to feel exactly like having a diet such as vegan, paleolithic, or macrobiotic; it’s more of a lifestyle than just what you eat or put on your skin.You can’t help but feel really great, all detoxed and clean,  and you really want to show others the way! Therefore, it’s easy to become a little preachy  if you don’t keep your evangelistic rants in check…which is hard when you’re really passionate about something that truly helps people. Making the switch to a plant-based skincare regime is so easy and enjoyable, I can’t see why everybody isn’t jumping on board, and I get really excited telling people about the evils of mainstream body care, and the benefits of going green. Then again, I used to get overly enthusiastic about shoe designers and try to get converts with that, too, so maybe I was some kind of missionary in a past life.

skewed perception

Another thing I realized is how sad it is to listen to people talk about their skin. Many people believe that their skin is problematic, as though an occasional pimple means they have acne, a fine line or two means they are aging prematurely or a red spot is the onset of some small disaster. We’re so hard on ourselves! We’ve all been brainwashed and put down by too many years of advertisements making us scrutinize our faces, and we’re seeing phantom skin issues. Really, it’s just a matter of perception. Are dandelions really weeds, or are we just told they are? Aren’t they, in fact, cute yellow flowers that are nutritious? How about a few pimples and fine lines? Are they really something disgusting and shameful, or a peek into what’s going on inside our bodies…a little window as to how our inner organs are functioning? Maybe,  in perhaps a slightly perverse way, we can not only accept these imperfections but come to appreciate them.

addicts are everywhere

I’ve noticed that many people, despite not having any serious issues, believe there are still a few chemically-based lotions and potions they absolutely need to keep their skin in a presentable fashion. I try to tell people that their skin only needs that junk because they use it regularly, and that weaning themselves from it will cure the problem permanently. It’s hard because people do become really attached to products, even though that $30 cream has all of $1 worth of ingredients and they are only paying for the company’s marketing campaign. Regardless, people really love worshiping these false idols of sorts (overpriced perfume, hair treatments and lipstick, anyone?) In a sense, this attachment we have to cult products is a good thing, because it means that people can become just as hooked on the good stuff, as to the bad stuff.

is it really a lifestyle?

I’m starting to think so, yes. If you have chosen to be strict about what products you choose to clean, moisturize and beautify your body (and home), you start to realize how much toxic stuff is really out there and how it can sometimes be tricky to maintain your standards. When travelling or visiting, all bets are pretty much off, and although I won’t complain if I have to use regular soap, I am very conscious about it. Personally, my sense of smell is changing and the thousands of synthetic perfumes in particular, that are everywhere, really strike me. Fake scents no longer do anything for me, and I like that. I also like that I can’t pass a lilac or rose bush without being seduced by it’s intoxicating, REAL smell.

Have you noticed any changes since you made the green beauty switch?

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