Multi-Purposing Stark’s Cypress Purity + Defense Oil

May 04, 2012

If you’ve tried out our oil, or even read the description, then you know it’s quite the panacea on its own. Not only does it help ward off the damaging effects of the sun’s evil, evil rays thanks to Ricebran oil, but Argan and camellia oils supply the skin with a host of antioxidants such as Vitamin E, while nourishing and softening skin, while almond and apricot are all-round great moisturizers. Plus, Cypress oil helps control overactive sebaceous glands, to produce not too much and not too little of the skin’s own protective natural oils.

The easiest way to use the oil is as a serum or a moisturizer. After cleansing, simply press into skin and voila, you’re gorgeous. This oil wears easily under makeup and/or sunscreen, making it great for day, or you can use it as a light night time moisturizer, or load it up under or with a balm. I like to mix it in with my Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate balm as a night-time moisture mask that still allows my skin to breathe.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there! Here’s some other applications I have found for our Cypress Purity + Defense Oil.

1. Wear it in your hair! The scent is truly unique; not girly, but not masculine, it’s a somewhere-in-between that’s sensual and a little spice-ay. (not actually “spicy”, like cinnamon or clove, but Spice-ay. Yes, that’s a technical term.) Just a couple of drops are all you need, in the tips of your hair. Not only will your locks be moisturized and glossy, but you’ll be wafting around a lovely scent!

2. Moisturize problem areas! Messed up cuticle? Chalky elbow? Flaky eyebrow (am I the only one with this problem?) or just plain got the ol’ powder-knuckles? Try a drop of our CY oil, and keep the area free of water, friction and other irritation for a little while. Shortly, the problem will be solved!

3. After-Shave. Yes, works for men and women, but more economical if it’s just on the face. My dude uses this every time he shaves, and it smells so delicious on him, helps heal little nicks in no time and leaves his gorgeous face all a’glow. He loves it too, and this is from the guy who used to recoil at the very thought of putting oil anywhere near his body!

4. Under-eye treatment. Ok, I don’t believe in eye creams. Yes, that area of the face is more sensitive and very thin, but if what you’re using on your face is high-quality, non-sensitizing and light, then it can double as an under-eye treatment. Now, something to keep in mind is that it’s all in the application. DAB LIGHTLY! No smearing, wiping and smushing around of anything in that area. Keep it light and gentle.

5. Make your own deo and add a squirt of it for extra deodorizing/moisturizing abilities. (Baking soda soaked in coconut oil, plus about 1/8 of the total amount in cornstarch is a basic and great formula….keep it in the fridge if you’re in a warm climate if you want to keep it as a solid). The Cypress and bergamot will help deodorize, and Cypress is known to even slightly reduce how much sweat you produce.

Bonus tip: 6. Accidentally polish the floor. I really don’t recoomend this, but it’s happened to both my mom and I: a large glop of our oils have fallen on the hardwood floor, where we proceeded to buff and polish both our feet and the wood simultaneously. Makes feet and floors gorgeous! But you know, don’t try that at home.

Have you tried our Cypress Purity and Defense oil, and if so, have you appropriated it in any other way?

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