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March 10, 2011

This won’t take long.

Remember when my guest blogger Mara told you guys to always read the ingredients on any product you buy? Well, you really should. Not just because you should know exactly what’s in there (even though that’s incredibly important for the sake of your health), but also to know what the bulk of your product is made of. This is more to do with the health of your wallet than anything else, but that’s pretty important too, right?

For example, is “aqua” the first item being listed on your $100 facial lotion? You’re getting ripped off, sister. Let me tell you a little something about ingredients lists on products: they have to be in order of concentration. So, if the first item is something that is basically free from your tap, you should think about saving your cash for some ingredients that aren’t just lying around your house.

So how can you get the biggest bang for your buck? Read the ingredients. If the first few items are ingredients that you know are high quality and beneficial for your skin, then that’s a really good sign. Also, don’t trust what the front of a package tells you… take it from me, I’m a copywriter. It’s all marketing. I know, I know. Even I do it, but I also make sure that my ingredients are even more impressive than what’s under my product’s name! Marketing and copywriting is not evil by nature, after all! A really great skincare company (such as Stark, of course!) has nothing to hide and is really proud of what they put into their recipes.

Making skincare products is a craft and an art. Personally, I’m proud of what goes into my products… when you take a look at some of the products you use, do you think the manufacturer’s are actually proud of the ingredients? Probably not.

Don’t you feel a little swindled? Thought so.

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