Ice, Ice Baby: Possibly the cleverest skin DIY EVER!

July 26, 2013

Easy beauty DIY involving ice...vanilla optional.

Easy beauty DIY involving ice…vanilla optional.

Alright stop, collaborate and listen: effective beauty DIYs don’t have to break the bank, or even touch it. Those ice cubes you’ve got going on in the freezer are for more than just chilling that white wine you forgot to refrigerate and simply can’t wait to get your hands on. Beat the summer heat by treating yourself to an ice cube facial!

Simple, effective, and free? When was the last time you heard that!?

This ‘cool’ trick tightens your pores making your complexion appear far smoother, promotes blood circulation, eases wrinkles, has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes acne and sun-kissed skin, and not to mention gives you a luminescent glow.

How to: simply grab an ice cube from your freezer. Using a paper towel or cloth as a barrier* between the ice and your face, rub the ice cube in a circular motion all over your visage or elsewhere, for about 1-2 minutes. Pat dry and enjoy your radiance. THAT IS IT!

*Please be aware of applying the ice cube directly to your skin without a paper towel (or other) barrier, as the extreme cold may bust your capillaries and we doubt that’s the look you’re going for.

If there was a problem, yo you’ll solve it

Here’s where this little tidbit can get even juicier: imagine the benefits of the ice cube facial, combined with, say, the antioxidant power of green tea. Or the vitamin C anti-aging power of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Or the aromatherapy powers of aromatherapy (oh so aromatherapeutic!). Get creative! Choose what elixir might help your unique complexion, grab your ice cube tray, and get freezing! Some suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

-Green Tea: anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging

-Fresh-pressed Orange Juice: vitamin C is great for skin brightening

-Fresh-pressed Apple Juice: gentle acidity makes this a perfect option for oily skin

-Cucumber: refreshes, revitalizes and weakens wrinkles

-Vanilla: smells yummy, has a calming effect and…just had to throw this in here

The combos are endless! Have fun with this and let us know your favorite ice cube facial blend. Whether you go for an elaborate medley or straight water, notice your skin go from dull to dazzling. A skin care trick as cool as an 80s hip hop single. Turn off the lights, and you’ll glow.

Stark Super Simple Skin Suggestion: After washing your face with warm water, splash your face with cold water. Not only refreshing during these muggy summer months, the cool water will constrict your pores, leaving you with a face that looks and feels smoother.


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