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I’m not making any resolutions.

December 31, 2013

2013. It’s over! So much happened for me so I can’t say it flew by, but it certainly rocked my socks completely off.

I became a mom and a wife, Stark continued to grow, and I got to realize a BIG dream of mine: leaving Montreal for the winter. But I didn’t achieve any of my 2013 resolutions (did I have any? I don’t even know.)

Which is why this year I won’t have any resolutions. No guilt about “failing”. No constant striving for something that may or may not bring an ounce of happiness.

Instead, I want to focus on being happier every day. Not always thinking about the future, but about this moment and what I want and need, and what I can do right now to be true to myself and those closest to me. I think superficially, this may sound selfish, but I think it’s a way of being that leads to feeling more fulfilled and being more capable of extending that abundance of good shit to others. (Good shit to all, as the old saying goes! Yeah. Made-up saying. By me, obvs.)

I think focusing on feeling better is a way of making energy (however you want to define energy) more sustainable over the long term, easier to convert to other good things and makes my life, and those lives I touch, better. It’s a good way to stay motivated and happy about working hard, and It’s a way to achieve goals and feel fulfilled by them, instead of just ticking off an item from a checklist and moving on to the next goal.

This year is definitely about upping my self-care game, and helping others do the same. Through self-care, I have found, is the shortest distance to happiness for me. I want to surround myself, my business, and the people I care about/for with beauty and nourishment.  I want to make caring for ourselves a priority, and make it fun. I have a PILE of gorgeous ideas to make this intention happen. I’m really excited about it all, and hope I can make at least 1/10 of them real!

This year is also going to be about not letting Others affect me as much as I do, about letting go of their negativity, making more space for myself and what I need to be better (it isn’t Other people making me feel shitty, that’s for sure.) I want to really make an effort to focus on the things I can control. Other people? Out of my control.

I want 2014 to shake things up for the better, for all of us. I want to step up my game. Get out of my “boredom” zone (what’s wrong with a comfort zone if ease is a great thing to feel?) I want to feel better. Do better. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I won’t call them goals. They are directions I want to move towards, and I will just see where the tide naturally takes me.

What’s your 2014 strategy?