I have missed you all THIS much!

September 29, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe how much time has gone by since my last post! I’m a little embarrassed, actually, as I used to be such an astute blogger. I’m thinking that now that fall is upon us, Adriano and I celebrated a faux New Year’s (we decided that fall equinox was a better time for a new beginning than the dead of winter, and it happens to be Rosh Hashanah so it all kinda works out), that I’ll get back on track with blogging. It’s not that I didn’t start a bunch of posts, because I have all kinds of blog scraps that I just never finished. Also, I’ve got a bunch of informative posts planned, so I can continue to dazzle and amaze you all with some actual information you can apply to your life, and skin. Yay!

Anyhow, this is just to say HAI! And to keep you abreast of what’s up with Stark.

For one, we just got back from what seems to be our annual trip to the Middle East (of all places….strange, I know). I have a post half (or less, realistically) written about the trip, so I’ll get on it so you, gentle reader, can find out all about the beauty tricks I learnt in Kuwait.

For two, I am currently staring at Stark’s new product lineup! Yes, it’s DONE! Packaged! Rearing to go! Waiting for it’s new forever home! Except the label design is STILL not done. No worries, we’re on it. It feels like this has been going on forever, and I’m not entirely sure how or why it has taken so long….but maybe it only feels like an a eternity to me. All I know is I have worked hard, thought about each product to death, tested tested tested and researched, scrutinized and pained over the whole thing, and, quite frankly I’m exhausted and ready to see these things on the shelf (your bathroom shelf!! yes…I seeee you….). Also, the good news is that the new products are REAAAALLLLY nice….No, I mean like, really whoa. They work GREAT, smell edible and look really adorable in their new bottles.  I’m enjoying each of them immensely, as are my test subjects. I think I am going to start revealing each product to you, one at a time, before they are ready for sale. Such a tease, I know!

Thirdly, if you know of any stores you think Stark should be sold in, let me know! We’re looking for cool eco-stores, health-food stores, heck even clothing and lifestyle stores that have a Stark vibe. Blast me an email with the store’s name and location (just city is fine, even) and I’ll look into it… I’m scouting new homes for Stark, and can’t be in all places at once. Maybe someday, Adriano is a physicist so you never know. Time/space travel, haaaai! jessica@starkskincare.com

I leave you with a snapshot from the trip. This was at a friend’s chalet, and in the dead of Canadian winter will be my happy (and very warm) place to visit in my mind. Sigh.

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