For the Love of Multipurpose

February 16, 2012

Personally, I love the idea of “multipurpose”. I love the fact that I have 2 jobs (Stark and writing), love clothes that can be worn in different ways, and love when products have more than one function. Like Stark’s!

This was no fluke. A couple of years ago I lived in a crazy-small apartment. It was something like 100 square feet, with an entire wall being taken up by a pretty vintage fireplace that was totally and utterly useless. When I met my dear husband, he lived in a similarly petite apartment in Montreal’s McGill Ghetto. Here, we call those apartments “one and a halfs”.

Anyhow, at one point me, my cats, my fish and all my crap moved into his apartment (it was marginally larger) for a couple months before we found the apartment that we currently live in, which is also pretty small. We became masters at paring down, and editing out the unnecessary and of sourcing objects that served more than one purpose. For example, we have a small couch in the livingroom that folds out to become the spare bed. We also constructed a partition wall out of 4 ikea book shelves between the cozy living room and what’s now our dining nook. This has provided much-needed storage, and created a whole new room that never existed!

It’s not the we’re total minimalists, or live in monk-like austerity, but we don’t like excess either. I recently realized that this was similar to how I make Stark products: each product is pretty minimal, but never boring. I am not offering you stuff that you can easily make at home, nor am I offering products with WAY too many ingredients that your skin might freak out about. What you get is Goldilock-like perfection of just-right-ness. BUT The best part, is that each product is multi-functional! Yup, not just the GRAPEFRUIT Cleanse + Hydrate (which obviously both cleanses and hydrates) is multi-purpose. They ALL are.

So, in order to explain all this super useful info, I’m going to be writing/vlogging a series of entries describing the different ways that Stark products can be used!  Yay, fun!


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