Did you win our photo contest?

May 21, 2012

Thank you SO MUCH to everybody who entered the contest! I had 45 submissions in all, which is awesome! So as you know, the contest was for 10 lip treatments and one “Whole Shebang”. Here’s who the lucky wieners are:

The lip treatments are going to be* sent to:

1. Vanessa M.
2. Megan H.
3. Dale M.
4. Andrea M.
5. Sara B.
6. Dawn G.
7. Summer G.
8. Tamara B.
9. Daina T.
10. Tanya T.

*They’re not quite in the design phase yet, and I don’t have a solid launch date for them, so  it won’t be for a few weeks. But they will be worth the wait, I promise you!

These were all drawn using a random number generator! If one of these entries is YOU, then email me at iwon (at) starkskincare.com  and I’ll send you off this amazing lip treatment as soon as it’s ready to go! I’ll also reveal to you what’s going to be in it before I tell anybody else, lucky you, you industry insider, you!

Cheryl Gladu and Sophia Oumzil!
(they’re a couple, so they get to share, woomp!)
I chose this photo (it’s the first one up-top) among  all my favorite entries because I felt it not only captured the idea of nature in the city very nicely, but showed the perseverance and tenacity of nature over man-made,  plus I’ve got a thing for triangles right now, so ding ding ding!

Congrats ladies!


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