Creaclip review II: Follicular Carnage and other sins.

June 14, 2012

Despite my juicy title, let me just start by saying I’m still REALLY happy with this gizmo. I honestly love my Creaclip, and I’m really happy to have found a good hair solution for me! 

I realized recently (ok, about 10 seconds ago) that I never followed-up on the Creaclip review from last month! Ah well, you know how blogging goes. You have to wait for the right moment of panic inspiration to get into the mood, then let the wine your fingers flow.

So, here’s a pic of me in the bathroom from about a minute ago. Keep in mind that my hair (and face, frankly) is not looking its best here, so I hope you’re not looking at this and thinking that my beloved Creaclip is giving crap haircuts just because I’m looking a little disheveled and fuzzy.

No that’s all me, baby! And, well, the humidity.

While we’re at it, let me just admit some more things about my whole “beauty” routine when it comes to mes cheveux:

I do not style my hair. I don’t place my bangs. I don’t use any heat OR products because I get too much anxiety about using unnatural things now, and often times, if I can’t make it I won’t use it. I can make wicked beach spray (and so can you), but my straight-iron gives me an existential crises, and I don’t know of any good natural heat-protectors anyhow. (side note: if I would just stop bashing my hair routine, I’d probably start developing my own line of products!). Oh, and  I really need some new shampoo/condish, and yeah, kinda embracing the grunge look that I never really let go of (I even rocked my 14 hole Doc’s from when I was 14 the other day! Shit, those things are heavy.) Also? I pretty much only remember to actually wash my hair once my scalp gets itchy. I don’t really like having wet hair so I try to get away with as infrequent washings as I can. Plus, it’s better for your hair, right?

What? I know. You expect more from someone in this industry. Well, I love skincare, not haircare! I don’t understand hair the way I understand skin. It’s like…cloth? Or like…bark? It isn’t even alive….what’s it’s function? Why does hair exist other than being some remnant of the apes we descended from? (side note: our body hair is actually an ancient modification of the feathers or scales human’s ancestors, ie. reptiles/birds, once adorned. HOT.)  I don’t know. It doesn’t really speak or respond to me the way raw ingredients and skin work for me, so I slap some coconut oil on it and call it a day. And a top knot, bless those man-repelling hairbuns. Oh, and my hair feathers. I love those.

You don’t ask a painter to also be a dancer, right? Cut me some slack! 🙂

Also? I don’t even think I own a hair brush.

Yeah, I totally just confessed a bunch of hair sins. I feel better now.

So, given all that follicular carnage, pretty good right? I’m happy with the results!

How I achieved this:

It’s actually cut in a nice U shape, with light layers but you can’t really see it in this amazing iPod photography.
I did the straight-across technique combined with the flip over your head and snip across method with the top 1/3 of my hair. Check their site for all the methods. Study up, pick your technique based on your desired results and hope for the best. If you use a lot of patience and common sense, like with any thing else in life, you’ll get some great results.

Next up on my sin list I think we should talk about how at 30, a young woman should wear lipstick. I’ve been giving myself this pep talk for so long it’s kinda redonk. Tinted lip balm doesn’t count. Woman needs some COLOUR (or color, if you are not of the British spelling persuasion.) Deep breathing, Jess. I think you can handle this. (PS. I’m choosing between this brand and this brand. The former is Canadian, and the latter I already LOVE their blush. Hard to choose! So I might get both?)


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