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Contest time! -new deadline!

April 03, 2012

I’m very excited to announce this super-duper amazor contest I’ve been brewing up for a while now!

Here’s the deal:

Stark Skincare likes to celebrate nature in the city (you know, since we’re natural skincare made for city life!), so in order to truly appreciate this unique kind of beauty, I want to see how nature likes to present herself in YOUR city.

Yup, it’s photo-contest time! 

Show me what spring looks like in your city, show me plants and trees taking over a parking lot, show me a squirrel making a nest in a hat. Whatever it is, let’s have fun, be playful and hit me with your best shot! Show me an unexpected, beautiful side to how nature and urban life can coexist. Make it arty. I like arty. Bonus points if I can use words like “juxtaposition”, “ephemeral” or “avant-garde” to explain your photo. (What? I live in Montreal, give me a break…we’re an artistic breed!)

Email the photo to me (jessica@starkskincare.com) and tell me a little about the photo (who you are, where it was taken, what makes it a good representation of nature in the city…just gimme fodder for a caption, at least). OR add us and tag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Really, there’s so many ways to do this.

I will share your photos on a photo-album on Facebook, and I will also be choosing 10 (YES! TEN!!) winners to receive my as-of-yet-unreleased full-size LIP TREATMENT! This ain’t your regular chapstick, no siree!

Ok, ok, and as if that’s not exciting enough (you are excited, right?) I’ll draw one GRAND winner to receive the WHOLE SHEBANG! Worth $4 695! Lies. Worth over $100, but great skin is truly priceless, right?

ALSO (YES, there’s MORE!) If I fall in lurve with your photo(s) (which I probably will since I have a hunch that Stark fans are exceptionally talented) I’m also going to display your photos on my website, with full credit going a toi, mon ami!

Contest ends April 20th! May 20th! Open to everybody! You may submit as often as you like!

Alors? What are you waiting for?