CONTEST + EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK of Stark’s product lineup.

January 13, 2012


So here’s the dealio. My products will be launching in Feb 2012! That’s in like, a few weeks! So I wanted to finally get it off my chest and tell everyone just what the heck is awaiting them.

POST A COMMENT BELOW, AND TELL ME WHY YOU LOVE NATURAL SKINCARE! Why? Because someone will win this entire line! Worth over $100! Yay!!

Without much further ado, here is the first official line up of products by Stark Skincare:

Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm
This is a multi-functional balm full of yum such as Shea butter, coconut oil & cocoa butter, as well as a bevvy of other delights, that can (and really, should) be used as both a cleanser/makeup remover a la cold-cream styles (I’ll explain more about that in another post…or buy the product and find out!) AND as a super-hydrating all-over cream! it smells of, in case you haven’t guessed, fresh and uplifting grapefruit!

Cypress Purity + Defense Oil
This here facial oil/serum is perfect for city life. It smells of fresh evergreen woods, with a sweetness and brightness of citrus, and is packed with 5 plant-oils that protect and undo UV damage, load your skin with antioxidants and rejeuvenates skin by renewing cells, perfect for skin that’s been in one too many climate-controlled offices and sat in traffic for a couple hours. Oh, and the cypress oil is used in aromatherapy for it’s de-stressing and uplifting benefits.

White Willow Bark Perfecting Tonic
This wonderjuice is way more than a toner. It’s more of a…perfecting tonic! Soothing ingredients such as aloe, cucumber and watermelon meet the blemish all-stars white willow bark and witch hazel to have a beautiful dance of good and evil on your face. The results? Radiant, clear skin! White willow bark contains salicyc acid, which helps renew skin and clear up blemishes. This formula is gentle and contains no alcohol, it’s also non-drying!

Green Tea Detox Clay Mask
This mask comes in powder form, which means you add your own liquid of choice each time you use the product. I like a few drops of green or rooibos tea, but you can get creative (yogurt and/or honey are amazing, if you do use them).  I chose French green clay and Rhassoul clay for this mask because they are detoxifying, drawing impurities from the skin gently and effectively, but they are also full of skin-benefiting minerals. Green tea is probably the #1 indisputable effective health food ingredients, for both the inside and outside of the human body. Loaded with antioxidants, reducing sun damage and even helping the skin build up it’s own natural defenses! Apple extract is used for it’s gentle AHA’s, which gentle slough off dead skin cells. Apple extract also helps skin retain it’s elasticity! Skin is left super impossibly soft afterwards.

For the full treatment, I’ll wash my face with the Grapefruit balm, do the Green Tea mask, wash it all off with water, use a couple spritzes of the tonic then massage in the Cypress oil. A-MAY-ZING!

Fresh, clean, baby butt soft, and prepped to face the wild, wild world!

If you need more reasons to try out Stark’s lineup (what? you’re crazy! Why would you need anything more than baby butt soft skin?) then read on, my friend…

These 4 products are special because:

1. They’re 100% plant-derived (not including the clays, which aren’t exactly from plants but as natural and nature can get, naturally), vegan friendly, cruelty-free (obviously, I’m not a monster), look AMAZING thanks to Poly Studio…the awesomest designers in Canada, I’ve decided, and are packed in so much eco-friendly delightfulness it’ll knock your bamboo socks right off! Oh, and they work like magic and smell like bottled happiness itself, if I do say so myself. And I do, of course.

2. These are the very first all natural products made for city life!
Seriously! Every product is jam-packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients that help fight off free radicals that we get bombed with every day just by merely existing in a city. These ingredients help stave off pollution, the sun, stress, daily grime and crappy weather (hello blizzard outside my window, yes I’m talking about you).

3. Will be 20% off the regular price for a limited time!
Pretty self explanatory. The first round of sales will be offered at an introductory price! Lucky you for knowing this now, right?

There you go!!!! Any questions? Drop me a line…

See you when all this goes down in Feb! xoxoxo


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