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June 23, 2011

redwing blackbird photo with speech bubble "OMG! Changes at Stark!"

Hi everyone! So, I’ve been hard at work on my OTHER business, which is copywriting (and right now, editing a book), and so haven’t had much time for blog posts and product updates, etc. HOWEVER, I wanted to let you guys know that I have some new products, that I have been working on FOR MONTHS and MONTHS that

  1. Smell/look/perform amazingly amazing (that’s the word of the day, btw).
  2. Are going to change the way you think about skin care, even if you already ARE a green beauty convert (yup, ol’ Starky’s got some new tricks up her sleeve!)
  3. They are oh so so so so natural, of course.
  4. Work  wonders. Truly. Miracle workers, these are. My skin and my test subjects are looking fresh and glowing, pimple free and baby butt soft! I haven’t worn makeup in WEEKS and I’m not getting the “are you tired?” I sometimes get when I go au naturel. Not even once!

These new prods are set to be my core lineup… so no more hemming and hawing over which Stark item to buy, just choose from this lineup then accentuate with a lipbalm or two (because honestly? My balms are really great, I have to admit.)

Of course, since these new products are a step above the norm, I had to revamp my site and make it on par with the greatness featured within. I can’t WAIT to reveal it….so far, it looks soooo nice and it’s so unique. I love it!!!  I’m really proud of the hard work that has gone into it, and the talented programmers I’ve been able to work with.  This site will be accessible as both and, just as this one is. The new design will be way more professional, fresh, and awesomely amazing. And cool. And awesome. Just like you!

YET THE QUESTION REMAINS….WHEN WILL ALL THIS BE READY? Well, the site should be switching over in a couple weeks, and the new products will follow shortly after that…although I do need to sort out a few packaging and label details with them. For the first time, I can’t do everything myself (with the help of the bf), so it depends on how I can get/hire others to coordinate all this…it’s nerve wracking handing over the reigns, but it’s also the sign of great things to come!!

Wanna take some guesses as to what they might be? Hmm?

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