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Cloth Diapering and Baby Wearing: How we’re doing it.

February 08, 2013

So, did you know I’m pregnant? Haha, pretty sure everybody does now, as I can’t seem to shut up about it (and why should I? This is the awesomest thing, ever!). I wrote a few posts griping about my annoyance of how my birthing and pregnancy views pretty much sit on the border between full on granola-momma and conventional, modern (?) momma, and I guess I’m having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment. Rest assured that life at casa Stark is still as wholesome and au naturel as ever.

So, I though I would share with you some of the awesome super crunchy hippie things that Adri and I have been up to in preparation for baby Z to make his grand appearance (I was going to say “grand opening”….ouch.). Below is a list of what we plan on doing, a list of links for how-to’s and other (hopefully) informational ramblings.

1. Cloth Diapering Shenanigans

Mais oui, we are doing the cloth diaper! Here’s why: we both work from home so it’s convenient for us, we don’t hate the environment enough to fill it with our baby’s butt buckets, we want to save money, cloth diapers are sooooo cuuuuute and I was cloth diapered because my butt was too sensitive for ‘sposies, and I’m assuming my little one will be the same. There’s not much that can be said against using modern cloth diapers, in my opinion. Yes, they aren’t cheap but they last. They are obviously better for your baby’s health (no additives in cloth!), they are cheaper in the long run (one cloth diaper = 300 ‘sposies in a baby’s un-potty lifetime!) and I don’t know about you, but I get a huge guilty conscious when I’m wasteful or pollutey in a significant way and just can’t see myself using disposables (although admittedly we will be buying a little pack of newborn disposables just in case.) In terms of CD styles, we’re doing old school prefolds + Snappis with covers (of course), as well as simple all-in-ones and a few pockets. I am in love with the idea of prefolds because of how versatile they are. Yes, I love multi-functional things, even when it comes to what my kid poops on.

I have been haunting Craigslist and Ebay for some good deals, as well as checking out online cloth diaper stores for package deals. I found this website a couple days ago, and honestly? I’m in love. I can’t wait to try the Charcoal Bamboo Diapers (reminds me of a certain version of these!) and their copy is some of the funniest I have ever read.

Cloth Diaper sewing DIYs. Want to venture into making your own? More power to you! I’m not brave enough yet, but am considering it for the future. make your own using this link, this link and this super profesh looking PDF here. Or just use Google…I came up with over 6 million hits for “how to make your own diapers”. Boom.

Wipes DIY. I’ll admit that for whatever reason, I’m not so hot on the reusable wipe idea. I don’t know why. Maybe it reminds me of people who make their own toilet paper wipe things? It’s just…I can’t. However, most wipes have incredibly scary ingredients in them that I couldn’t imagine using on my self, let alone my little one’s tender zone. I’m definitely, definitely making this recipe.

EC. That’s “I’ve got a newborn or am expecting and know so many acronyms it would make your head spin” for Elimination Communication. Adri’s all about training the little one to use his potty at a very early age. I’m a little sceptical , but very intrigued and totally game.

2. Baby Wearing

Uh huh, you see where this is going! No strollers for this family! Baby wearing makes sense. A LOT of sense. The closeness and the contact are great for baby’s sense of security and even helps with developing confidence, and baby’s that are worn tend to be healthier because skin to skin contact with mama and papa can actually transfer useful and potentially lifesaving antibodies.

We wanted to make our own newborn carrier/sling because we didn’t feel that a Baby Bjorn or Ergo whatever would be appropriate for a newborn, and I plan on wearing my babe pretty often around the house AND when we go out (it will almost be like I’ll be pregnant….forever!). What I really wanted was a Moby Wrap, but DANG those are expensive, and the thing with buying a lot of baby gear is that you really don’t know what you’ll need. I know we need diapers. I know baby will need my boobs. But what kind of carrier? I don’t mind shelling out the big bucks for stuff I know I need and love, but when I’m not sure, I’m hesitant.

So, I decided to make my own wrap. Actually, we made 2 because when we bought our 5 yards of jersey, we just got the guy to cut it in half, right down the centre, and BAM! Twofer!

No idea if this will be the wrap of my dreams (the butternut squash we used as a doll seemed to like it, though) but I do know that if I end up carving up that fabric to make something else out of it, I won’t be kicking myself for having wasted $60.

However, when Z is a little bigger I definitely want a ring sling like one of these gorgeous creations (made right here in Montreal!) by Smigli Slings. They are easier to get in and out of and because there’s no stretch, they are more appropriate for heavier little dudes.

So, I guess that’s my first installment of my blog being taken over by babythings…much like the rest of my world! Hope you guys can bear it!

Do you wear your baby or use cloth diapers? Have any wisdom to pass along?