Baby, it’s (really really) cold outside

January 22, 2013

frozen WB


Do you know why Canadian LOVE to talk about the weather? Because we get crazy-ass temperatures that can change dozens of degrees within days. Tonight, it’s going down to -39 Celsius here in Montreal (-38.2 Fahrenheit). For this reason, we’re holding off shipments for a few days. Not only because the walk to the post office is LONG (it takes me more than 35 minutes even when the weather is warm and I’m NOT a hundred months pregnant…I kid you not, the things I do for you guys. Hug!) but also because this increases the chances of products bursting in transit.

One day next week is going up to a balmy 0, when it will be safe to ship most products again, however we’ve found that the White Willow Perfecting Tonic is a little too volatile (being liquid) to be put in the mail, and so we are holding off on shipping this product until the weather stabilizes a little.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s better this way in the long run.

PS that frost effect on the picture above is from my actual office window! Pretty, right?

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