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February 01, 2012

The winner of our blog comment contest is….

Cassia deMayo! Cassia’s comment was randomly selected and has been emailed and will be receving the full debut line of Stark Skincare products…all the way in Denmark! Pretty cool.

Cassia’s comment is this:

“I love natural skin care products, but unfortunately I’m not always consistent with purchasing natural products. Sometimes, it’s money, or laziness that can get in my way from choosing what I know is right for me and animals. I have been educating myself more and more on what products are cruelty free, and I really get angry when I find out how much unnecessary ingredients are put into, many products that most of the western world purchases. I’m an American currently living in Denmark, and It’s really hard to find things that are labeled clearly, but I’m determined from now on to really take the time and search out cruelty free products!”

Looks like some cruelty-free products have found their way to you, Cassia! Congrats!