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Advanced Beauty: How do you embrace aging?

June 20, 2012

Something awesome occurred to me a little while back.

Get ready for this, because I think I might just make your day/week/month.

I think that when my generation is older (and as long as we keep up all our good work now with diet, lifestyle, and using Stark of course!), we will be amazing babes by the time we are in our 60s, 70s and (much, much) beyond. No, not old ladies. Goddesses. With wrinkles! With white hair! With a bum knee! And so amazingly beautiful.

Pretty great thing to realize, right? I mean for me, even just thinking this gives me a better perspective on aging and beauty. Just accepting that this very well could be how you we see yourselves in a few decades, rather than the opposite, what we all fear (that we will no longer feel like ourselves, that we will be unrecognizable, in pain, sad, lonely, etc), is actually quite liberating.

Here’s why my perspective on aging is changing:

Not only are so many of us health-savvy as an obsessive way of life, and not only do so many of us shun the types of self-inflicted abuse that now look like a sad side-effect of those who came to age during the 80s and 90s (I’m thinking heroine-chic and skin-and-bones thinness, here) we instead embrace health and self-acceptance as not only the goal but the norm. Good for us!  People can roll their eyes all they want about the trends nowadays, such as yoga or kale smoothies and you know, organic skincare, but how much better is all this in the long run, versus cigarettes, poor eating habits and self-hatred? I’m starting to believe that even plastic surgery and overly-botoxed faces will be things of the distant past by 2040. So maybe we’ll be using nano-surgery to reverse the gravitational fields in our skin or something by then, but having zero expression lines? That’s sooo early 2000s. Please.

By the time we are women of a certain age, we will be these vibrant, glowing creature who can rock silver hair and smile lines, and think of face-lifts as these hilarious relics of our youths. We’ll laugh thinking about all the starlets who ruined their human-ness by freezing parts of their faces, and gave themselves fish-lips in hopes of looking young and pouty. We’ll poke fun at each other about the crazy things we did in our youth, from our various tattoos in our 20s, spice girl shoes of our tweens, and botoxed foreheads of our 30s. Oh, and remember when tanning beds were legal? Crazy!

In 40 years, we will be us, still tattooed, crazy-haired, wearing skinny jeans or golden ponchos (I imagine golden ponchos will have their day), still quoting Dave Chapelle (or is that just me?), still listening to rap or Adele, and still embracing natural beauty, but we will rock our advanced age like nobodies business. We will be us, only better. Because we’ll be us, plus plus. Us plus plus!

It’s a thought. And a hope. Here’s some inspiration.

How will, or are you, going to embrace and/or cope with reaching “a certain age”? (whatever that might be for you…I thought, as a teenager, it would be 30 for me, hahaha!!! So wrong. I still feel like a kid. I might feel old at 90. Maybe.)


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