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A Week in Reviews

February 29, 2012

I be famous now.

Holy press mentions, Batman! (ouch, that was lame, so sorry.)
Quite the week we had for reviews… in fact, it was our very first week of reviews and press, and we got 3 amazing reviews on 2 very, very classy and gorgeous sites. I seriously could not be more excited!

Check out our Cy oil on BeautyHuile (and prepare to lose many, many minutes on this exquisitely written blog…so much talent, and SO much passion for beauty oils!). Then, read up on our gf cleanse + hydrate balm, also by the amazing N.K. of BeautyHuile. I’m seriously obsessed with BeautyHuile, so hearing N.K. praise Stark was a super joyous occasion for me. (Super. Joyous. People!)

Lisez, les amis:

“This isn’t your typical greasy, shows some-serious shine time of a balm. Unprocessed Shea Fruit Butter is what is your hero ingredient – its unsaponifiables and cinnamic esters give the balm its anti-microbial and moisturizing properties and provide light protection against UV rays. The buttery texture is softened out by virgin Coconut, Camellia Seed & Sweet Almond oils while Cocoa Seed & Soybean Butters add a sense of purified & plumped luxury to the formula. While you expect the usual constitution of carriers bring those juicy antioxidants to address signs of weathered skin, the non-GMO Soybean Butter also adds a symbiotic glob of the same and bunches of isoflavones, lecitihin, sterolins, which work on your waning collagen. The 100% plant derived (botanical) ingredients form a frothy balm, which melts into skin with the natural emolliency of Candelilla wax, which is actually therapeutically effective in treating any unexpected inflammations of the skin, including acne.”

Then, today (leapday! woop!) we got a surprise mention in the very glam YYZ Mag online, as their “Mid-Week Beauty Pick”. Awesome!