a small tube of happiness

February 07, 2011

how sweet it is

Getting my first item up on Etsy was a happy moment for me.

I thought for a long time about creating a little online shop for my hand made skincare items. It was something I always thought I would just get around to doing, as soon as the time was right. As soon as I had more time, more money. More something.

I guess we all make these excuses to put off the things we want to do, to do the things we’re told we have to do.

Although I defintely didn’t start house of stark because I came into money, I did come by some free time. Since May 2010, I have been a freelance copywriter. This was a decision I made quickly and quite by mistake, as I found myself quitting the job I had once called “my dream job”.

I love being a copywriter. I guess it helps that in the early days, I would watch MadMen during my 3-hour lunch  with my lovely cats and lovelier boyfriend, and be inspired and er, titilated, by these make-belief copywriting pioneers. But I digress.

Being a copywriter has also meant going on stretches for as long as 5 days without anything to work on. I found myself with enough time to contemplate what other jobs I would like to create for myself. I decided that the lotion-maker hat (and gloves) would suit me just fine, since natural skincare was something I have felt strongly about for quite some time. I began my obsessive research on recipes, suppliers, how-to’s and reviews. After months of experiments, I decided it was time to start. For realsy. On Etsy.

When I finally saw the image above in my Etsy shop, it was like I had just sent it off on the schoolbus for the first time. It was a proud moment, watching it go out into the world all on its own.

I felt the kind of happiness that you only feel when you accomplish something small but undeniably important.

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