8 Skin Tips For Dry Climates

December 30, 2013

I’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter if dry air comes from a cold winter with radiator-scorched indoor air or from the desert; dry air is dry air. It searches out moisture and sucks it up regardless of where it comes from, including from your skin. For me, dry skin means not only a less youthful glow, but a sallower, overall less healthy look to my skin, PLUS I start breaking out, because the world is unjust. Dry skin is not just uncomfortable, but leads to wrinkles perhaps a little earlier than you’re comfortable with, so moisturizing, and keeping moisturized, is key.

Here’s how to battle dry skin.

1. Layer a good, thicker serum under your normal day-time moisturizer. Like winter clothing, layers are key, and a serum under your moisturizer will ensure that your skin absorbs lots of nutrients. This goes for the body as well. Layer a body oil, like our Meadowfoam, under a thicker cream if you’re very dry. For most, applying a body oil when you skin is still damp will be enough.

2. Cleanse skin with a balm, or honey (or both). Balm cleansing will not strip or dry out skin, and honey is a humectant that will actually draw water from air to your skin. Whatever you do, drop that soap or foamy cleanser!

3. Spritz mineral water on your face. Sounds a little odd, sure, but Aubrey Hampton, a pioneer in organic skincare, swore by it.

4. Don’t use powder-based makeup, and try a tinted moisturizer or oil-based stick-makeup instead. I use Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, loves it.

5. Exfoliate gently. Use a cloth or a Konjac sponge and get the flakies off.

6. I bet you’re forgetting to drink enough water, right!? Drink up! Herbal tea or flavoured water (lemon, honey, mint, or cucumber) will help you stay hydrated from the inside-out.

7. Watch what you eat…it might not be just the dry air, but the winter-time propensity to down more than a body’s fair share of sweet, alcohol and other deliciously skin-evil treats that’s causing your skin to freak.

8. Don’t shower in super-hot water. It feels divine, I know, but hot water will dry your skin out by breaking down the skin’s natural moisture-barrier, lipids. Shower in as cool water as you’re comfortable with. Same goes with baths.

What have I missed? What tips do you have for keeping your skin dewy-soft during the winter?



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